Journal: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

Volume 4, Issue 2

79 -- 90Anna Bernasconi. On a hierarchy of Boolean functions hard to compute in constant depth
91 -- 100Johannes Grassberger, Günther Hörmann. A note on representations of the finite Heisenberg group and sums of greatest common divisors
101 -- 108Roberto Mantaci, Fanja Rakotondrajao. A permutations representation that knows what Eulerian means
109 -- 122Chính T. Hoàng, Van Bang Le. P4-Colorings and P4-Bipartite Graphs
123 -- 132Eugene Curtin. Cubic Cayley graphs with small diameter
133 -- 138C. R. Subramanian. Paths of specified length in random k-partite graphs
139 -- 156Nir Menakerman, Raphael Rom. Analysis of Transmissions Scheduling with Packet Fragmentation
157 -- 172David W. Krumme, Paraskevi Fragopoulou. Minimum Eccentricity Multicast Trees
173 -- 178Michel Habib, Christophe Paul, Laurent Viennot. Linear time recognition of P4-indifference graphs
179 -- 192Timo Peichl, Heribert Vollmer. Finite Automata with Generalized Acceptance Criteria
193 -- 234Martin Müller, Joachim Niehren, Ralf Treinen. The first-order theory of ordering constraints over feature trees
235 -- 246C. D. Randazzo, Henrique Pacca Loureiro Luna, P. Mahey. Benders decomposition for local access network design with two technologies
247 -- 254Vince Grolmusz. A Degree-Decreasing Lemma for (MOD q - MOD p) Circuits
255 -- 272Damien Magoni, Jean-Jacques Pansiot. Oriented multicast routing algorithm applied to network-level agent search
273 -- 290Ján Manuch. Defect Effect of Bi-infinite Words in the Two-element Case
291 -- 300Lawrence S. Moss. Simple Equational Specifications of Rational Arithmetic
301 -- 322Jessica H. Fong, Martin Strauss. An Approximate Lp Difference Algorithm for Massive Data Streams
323 -- 350Gabrielle Assunta Grün. An Efficient Algorithm for the Maximum Distance Problem
351 -- 356Pascal Koiran. The topological entropy of iterated piecewise affine maps is uncomputable
357 -- 362Anna E. Frid. Overlap-free symmetric D0L words
363 -- 398Werner Schachinger. Asymptotic normality of recursive algorithms via martingale difference arrays

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 10Jean-Paul Allouche, Jeffrey Shallit. Sums of Digits, Overlaps, and Palindromes
11 -- 30Alexandre Boudet. Unification of Higher-order Patterns modulo Simple Syntactic Equational Theories
31 -- 44Elena Barcucci, Alberto Del Lungo, Elisa Pergola, Renzo Pinzani. Permutations avoiding an increasing number of length-increasing forbidden subsequences
45 -- 60Ross M. McConnell, Jeremy Spinrad. Ordered Vertex Partitioning
61 -- 66Klaus Dohmen. Improved inclusion-exclusion identities via closure operators
81 -- 90Toufik Mansour, Alek Vainshtein. Avoiding maximal parabolic subgroups of S::k::