Journal: Decision Sciences

Volume 32, Issue 4

557 -- 574Bret J. Wagner, Darwin J. Davis. Discrete Sequential Search with Group Activities
575 -- 600Jeffrey B. Schmidt, Mitzi M. Montoya-Weiss, Anne P. Massey. New Product Development Decision-Making Effectiveness: Comparing Individuals, Face-To-Face Teams, and Virtual Teams
601 -- 634Lee Krajewski, Jerry C. Wei. The Value of Production Schedule Integration in Supply Chains
635 -- 660Dan Zhu, G. Premkumar, Xiaoning Zhang, Chao-Hsien Chu. Data Mining for Network Intrusion Detection: A Comparison of Alternative Methods
661 -- 682Nandkumar Nandu Nayar, G. Lee Willinger. Financial Implications of the Decision to Increase Reliance on Contingent Labor
683 -- 698Krishnamurty Muralidhar, Rathindra Sarathy, Rahul Parsa. An Improved Security Requirement for Data Perturbation with Implications for E-Commerce
699 -- 719Patrick Y. K. Chau, Paul Jen-Hwa Hu. Information Technology Acceptance by Individual Professionals: A Model Comparison Approach

Volume 32, Issue 3

399 -- 422George Baltas. Utility-consistent Brand Demand Systems with Endogenous Category Consumption: Principles and Marketing Applications
423 -- 452Powell E. Robinson Jr., Funda Sahin. Economic Production Lot Sizing with Periodic Costs and Overtime
453 -- 472Kim-Hung Li, Heung Wong, Marvin D. Troutt. An Approximate Bayesian Algorithm for Combining Forecasts
473 -- 498Joanna L. Ho, Sandra C. Vera-Muñoz. Opportunism in Capital Budget Recommendations: The Effects of Past Performance and Its Attributions
499 -- 520Ganesh Krishnamoorthy. A Cascaded Inference Model for Evaluation of the Internal Audit Report
521 -- 544Mun Y. Yi, Fred D. Davis. Improving Computer Training Effectiveness for Decision Technologies: Behavior Modeling and Retention Enhancement
545 -- 556Sudhir Mallya, Snehamay Banerjee, William G. Bistline Sr.. A Decision Support System for Production/ Distribution Planning in Continuous Manufacturing

Volume 32, Issue 2

195 -- 226Keah-Choon Tan. A Structural Equation Model of New Product Design and Development
227 -- 250Rafik I. Beekun, William H. Glick. Organization Structure from a Loose Coupling Perspective: A Multidimensional Approach
251 -- 276Fred F. Easton, Madeleine E. Pullman. Optimizing Service Attributes: The Seller's Utility Problem
277 -- 302Shih-Kung Lai. An Empirical Study of Equivalence Judgments vs. Ratio Judgments in Decision Analysis
303 -- 332Mihir A. Parikh, Bijan Fazlollahi, Sameer Verma. The Effectiveness of Decisional Guidance: An Empirical Evaluation
333 -- 386Michael Doumpos, Stelios H. Zanakis, Constantin Zopounidis. Multicriteria Preference Disaggregation for Classification Problems with an Application to Global Investing Risk
387 -- 398Adar A. Kalir, Subhash C. Sarin. Optimal Solutions for the Single Batch, Flow Shop, Lot-streaming Problem with Equal Sublots

Volume 32, Issue 1

1 -- 20Melesa Altizer Bolt, Larry N. Killough, Hian Chye Koh. Testing the Interaction Effects of Task Complexity in Computer Training Using the Social Cognitive Model
21 -- 54Terry Anthony Byrd, Douglas Edward Turner. An Exploratory Analysis of the Value of the Skills of IT Personnel: Their Relationship to IS Infrastructure and Competitive Advantage
55 -- 94Cheryl L. Dunn, Severin Grabski. An Investigation of Localization as an Element of Cognitive Fit in Accounting Model Representations
95 -- 124Martha Grabowski, Stephen D. Sanborn. Evaluation of Embedded Intelligent Real-time Systems
125 -- 144Ranga V. Ramasesh, Ram Rachamadugu. Lot-sizing Decisions Under Limited-time Price Reduction
145 -- 164J. Hal Reneau, Cindy Blanthorne. Effects of Information Sequence and Irrelevant Distractor Information When Using a Computer-based Decision Aid
165 -- 194Rohit Verma, Gary M. Thompson, William L. Moore, Jordan Louviere. Effective Design of Products/Services: An Approach Based on Integration of Marketing and Operations Management Decisions