Journal: Decision Sciences

Volume 33, Issue 4

495 -- 504Asoo J. Vakharia. e-Business and Supply Chain Management
505 -- 536Funda Sahin, Powell E. Robinson Jr.. Flow Coordination and Information Sharing in Supply Chains: Review, Implications, and Directions for Future Research
537 -- 556Markham T. Frohlich. e-Integration in the Supply Chain: Barriers and Performance
557 -- 578Ravi Bapna, Paulo B. Goes, Alok Gupta, Gilbert G. Karuga. Optimal Design of the Online Auction Channel: Analytical, Empirical, and Computational Insights
579 -- 600Scott Webster. Dynamic Pricing and Lead-Time Policies for Make-to-Order Systems
601 -- 628Jeff K. Stratman, Aleda V. Roth. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Competence Constructs: Two-Stage Multi-Item Scale Development and Validation
629 -- 644Tor Guimaraes, Dave Cook, Nat Natarajan. Exploring the Importance of Business Clockspeed as a Moderator for Determinants of Supplier Network Performance
645 -- 672Francisco J. Arcelus, T. P. M. Pakkala, Gopalan Srinivasan. A Purchasing Framework for B2B Pricing Decisions and Risk-sharing in Supply Chains

Volume 33, Issue 3

317 -- 346Bret J. Wagner, Darwin J. Davis, Hemant V. Kher. The Production of Several Items in a Single Facility with Linearly Changing Demand Rates
347 -- 384Chee-Chuong Sum, Yang-Sang Lee, Julie M. Hays, Arthur V. Hill. Modeling the Effects of a Service Guarantee on Perceived Service Quality Using Alternating Conditional Expectations (ACE)
385 -- 407Tim Baker, Nagesh N. Murthy. A Framework for Estimating Benefits of Using Auctions in Revenue Management
415 -- 431Joseph S. Martinich. The Critical Few Minutes in Scheduling Time-Varying Queuing Systems
433 -- 461Purushottam Papatla, Mariam (Fatemeh) Zahedi, Marijana Zekic-Susac. Leveraging the Strengths of Choice Models and Neural Networks: A Multiproduct Comparative Analysis
469 -- 494Zhimin Huang, Susan X. Li, Vijay Mahajan. An Analysis of Manufacturer-Retailer Supply Chain Coordination in Cooperative Advertising

Volume 33, Issue 2

161 -- 190Hemant V. Kher, John B. Jensen. Shop Performance Implications of Using Cells, Partial Cells, and Remainder Cells
191 -- 222Jayashree Mahajan, Sonja Radas, Asoo J. Vakharia. Channel Strategies and Stocking Policies in Uncapacitated and Capacitated Supply Chains
223 -- 250Kum-Khiong Yang, Scott Webster, Robert A. Ruben. An Evaluation of Flexible Workday Policies in Job Shops
251 -- 280Xiande Zhao, Jinxing Xie, Jerry C. Wei. The Impact of Forecast Errors on Early Order Commitment in a Supply Chain
281 -- 296Christopher L. Carr. A Psychometric Evaluation of the Expectations, Perceptions, and Difference-Scores Generated by the IS-Adapted SERVQUAL Instrument
297 -- 316Viswanath Venkatesh, Cheri Speier, Michael G. Morris. User Acceptance Enablers in Individual Decision Making About Technology: Toward an Integrated Model

Volume 33, Issue 1

1 -- 30Karen E. Papke-Shields, Manoj K. Malhotra, Varun Grover. Strategic Manufacturing Planning Systems and Their Linkage to Planning System Success
31 -- 58Anthony C. Keys, Loren Paul Rees, Allen G. Greenwood. Performance Measures for Selection of Metamodels to be Used in Simulation Optimization
59 -- 86C. Ranganathan, Vijay Sethi. Rationality in Strategic Information Technology Decisions: The Impact of Shared Domain Knowledge and IT Unit Structure
87 -- 108Enrique Ballestero. Strict Uncertainty: A Criterion for Moderately Pessimistic Decision Makers
109 -- 132Tim Baker, Nagesh N. Murthy, Vaidyanathan Jayaraman. Service Package Switching in Hotel Revenue Management Systems
133 -- 147Terence Reilly. Estimating Moments of Subjectively Assessed Distributions
149 -- 160Patrick J. Rondeau, Mark A. Vonderembse, T. S. Ragu-Nathan. Investigating the Level of End-User Development and Involvement Among Time-Based Competitors