Journal: Decision Sciences

Volume 38, Issue 4

527 -- 530Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
531 -- 546V. Daniel R. Guide Jr., Luk N. Van Wassenhove. Dancing with the Devil: Partnering with Industry but Publishing in Academia
547 -- 580Surya Pathak, Jamison M. Day, Anand Nair, William J. Sawaya, M. Murat Kristal. Complexity and Adaptivity in Supply Networks: Building Supply Network Theory Using a Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective
581 -- 610Chongqi Wu, Nicholas C. Petruzzi, Dilip Chhajed. Vertical Integration with Price-Setting Competitive Newsvendors
611 -- 646Richard Klein 0001, Arun Rai, Detmar W. Straub. Competitive and Cooperative Positioning in Supply Chain Logistics Relationships
647 -- 674Eric T. G. Wang, Hsiao-Lan Wei. Interorganizational Governance Value Creation: Coordinating for Information Visibility and Flexibility in Supply Chains
675 -- 699Mark A. Fuller, Mark A. Serva, John Benamati. Seeing Is Believing: The Transitory Influence of Reputation Information on E-Commerce Trust and Decision Making

Volume 38, Issue 3

357 -- 359Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
361 -- 389Charles X. Wang, Scott Webster. Channel Coordination for a Supply Chain with a Risk-Neutral Manufacturer and a Loss-Averse Retailer
391 -- 421Mark Keil, Gordon Depledge, Arun Rai. Escalation: The Role of Problem Recognition and Cognitive Bias
423 -- 449Elliot Bendoly, Alex Citurs, Benn R. Konsynski. Internal Infrastructural Impacts on RFID Perceptions and Commitment: Knowledge, Operational Procedures, and Information-Processing Standards
451 -- 488Rajdeep Grewal, Rebecca J. Slotegraaf. Embeddedness of Organizational Capabilities
489 -- 526Robin Pennington, Brad Tuttle. The Effects of Information Overload on Software Project Risk Assessment

Volume 38, Issue 2

187 -- 193Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
195 -- 214Richard D. Metters, Ann E. Marucheck. Service Management - Academic Issues and Scholarly Reflections from Operations Management Researchers
215 -- 250Diane Mollenkopf, Elliot Rabinovich, Timothy M. Laseter, Kenneth K. Boyer. Managing Internet Product Returns: A Focus on Effective Service Operations
251 -- 276Linda R. LaGanga, Stephen R. Lawrence. Clinic Overbooking to Improve Patient Access and Increase Provider Productivity
277 -- 308Anne P. Massey, Vijay Khatri, Mitzi M. Montoya-Weiss. Usability of Online Services: The Role of Technology Readiness and Context
309 -- 327Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Subhashish Samaddar, Glenn Colville. Improving Revenue Management Decision Making for Airlines by Evaluating Analyst-Adjusted Passenger Demand Forecasts
329 -- 355Kyle D. Cattani, Olga Perdikaki, Ann E. Marucheck. The Perishability of Online Grocers

Volume 38, Issue 1

1 -- 4Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
5 -- 37Filip Deblaere, Erik Demeulemeester, Willy Herroelen, Stijn Van de Vonder. Robust Resource Allocation Decisions in Resource-Constrained Projects
39 -- 80Xiande Zhao, Barbara B. Flynn, Aleda V. Roth. Decision Sciences Research in China: Current Status, Opportunities, and Propositions for Research in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Quality Management
81 -- 106Tiaojun Xiao, Yusen Xia, G. Peter Zhang. Strategic Outsourcing Decisions for Manufacturers that Produce Partially Substitutable Products in a Quantity-Setting Duopoly Situation
107 -- 130Christopher L. Carr. The FAIRSERV Model: Consumer Reactions to Services Based on a Multidimensional Evaluation of Service Fairness
131 -- 156Christopher W. Craighead, Jennifer Blackhurst, M. Johnny Rungtusanatham, Robert Handfield. The Severity of Supply Chain Disruptions: Design Characteristics and Mitigation Capabilities
157 -- 181Amrit Tiwana, Jijie Wang, Mark Keil, Punit Ahluwalia. The Bounded Rationality Bias in Managerial Valuation of Real Options: Theory and Evidence from IT Projects