Journal: Decision Sciences

Volume 42, Issue 4

799 -- 801Asoo J. Vakharia. In this Issue
803 -- 829Jong-Seok Lee, Dan Zhu. When Costs Are Unequal and Unknown: A Subtree Grafting Approach for Unbalanced Data Classification
831 -- 857P. V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan, Subodha Kumar, Peng Han. Dual Objective Segmentation to Improve Targetability: An Evolutionary Algorithm Approach
859 -- 888Tarikere T. Niranjan, Stephan M. Wagner, Christoph Bode. An Alternative Theoretical Explanation and Empirical Insights into Overordering Behavior in Supply Chains
889 -- 919Ramkumar Janakiraman, Rakesh Niraj. The Impact of Geographic Proximity on What to Buy, How to Buy, and Where to Buy: Evidence from High-Tech Durable Goods Market

Volume 42, Issue 3

531 -- 536Asoo J. Vakharia. In this Issue
537 -- 574T. Ravichandran, Yu Liu. Environmental Factors, Managerial Processes, and Information Technology Investment Strategies
575 -- 617Suman Niranjan, Frank W. Ciarallo. Supply Performance in Multi-Echelon Inventory Systems with Intermediate Product Demand: A Perspective on Allocation
619 -- 653Jeff Shockley, Aleda V. Roth, Lawrence D. Fredendall. An Information-Processing Approach for Evaluating In-Store Retail Operational Design Strategies
655 -- 688Patrick R. Philipoom, Daniel Steele. Shop Floor Control When Tacit Worker Knowledge is Important
689 -- 720Liwen Chen, Stephen M. Gilbert, Yusen Xia. Private Labels: Facilitators or Impediments to Supply Chain Coordination
721 -- 742Michael Doumpos, Constantin Zopounidis. A Multicriteria Outranking Modeling Approach for Credit Rating
743 -- 771James R. Bradley, Héctor H. Guerrero. An Alternative FMEA Method for Simple and Accurate Ranking of Failure Modes
773 -- 798Mark E. Ferguson, Moritz Fleischmann, Gilvan C. Souza. A Profit-Maximizing Approach to Disposition Decisions for Product Returns

Volume 42, Issue 2

301 -- 307Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
309 -- 337Richard Klein 0001, Jonathan Wareham, Karlene Cousins. Electronic Intermediary Functional Roles and Profitability
339 -- 370Saonee Sarker, Suprateek Sarker, Sarah Kirkeby, Suranjan Chakraborty. Path to "Stardom" in Globally Distributed Hybrid Teams: An Examination of a Knowledge-Centered Perspective using Social Network Analysis
371 -- 389Yinan Qi, Xiande Zhao, Chwen Sheu. The Impact of Competitive Strategy and Supply Chain Strategy on Business Performance: The Role of Environmental Uncertainty
391 -- 412Soumya Ray, Terence T. Ow, Sung S. Kim. Security Assurance: How Online Service Providers Can Influence Security Control Perceptions and Gain Trust
413 -- 450Brian E. Mennecke, Janea L. Triplett, Lesya M. Hassall, Zayira Jordán Conde, Rex Heer. An Examination of a Theory of Embodied Social Presence in Virtual Worlds
451 -- 476Mitzi M. Montoya, Anne P. Massey, Nicholas S. Lockwood. 3D Collaborative Virtual Environments: Exploring the Link between Collaborative Behaviors and Team Performance
477 -- 493Herbert Moskowitz, Paul Louis Drnevich, Okan K. Ersoy, Kemal Altinkemer, Alok R. Chaturvedi. Using Real-Time Decision Tools to Improve Distributed Decision-Making Capabilities in High-Magnitude Crisis Situations
495 -- 509Qiwen Wang, Xiting Gong, Honghui Deng, G. Keong Leong. The Use of Switching Point and Protection Levels to Improve Revenue Performance in Order-Driven Production Systems
511 -- 529David R. King, Rebecca J. Slotegraaf. Industry Implications of Value Creation and Appropriation Investment Decisions

Volume 42, Issue 1

1 -- 6Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
7 -- 42Khawaja A. Saeed, Manoj K. Malhotra, Varun Grover. Interorganizational System Characteristics and Supply Chain Integration: An Empirical Assessment
43 -- 68James R. Wolf, Waleed A. Muhanna. Feedback Mechanisms, Judgment Bias, and Trust Formation in Online Auctions
69 -- 91Patrick I. Jeffers, Barrie R. Nault. Why Competition from a Multi-Channel E-Tailer Does Not Always Benefit Consumers
93 -- 127Anand Nair, Ram Narasimhan, Elliot Bendoly. Coopetitive Buyer-Supplier Relationship: An Investigation of Bargaining Power, Relational Context, and Investment Strategies
129 -- 161Chad R. Allred, Stanley E. Fawcett, Cynthia Wallin, Gregory M. Magnan. A Dynamic Collaboration Capability as a Source of Competitive Advantage
163 -- 204Daniel Rottig, Xenophon Koufteros, Elizabeth E. Umphress. Formal Infrastructure and Ethical Decision Making: An Empirical Investigation and Implications for Supply Management
205 -- 237Achita (Mi) Muthitcharoen, Prashant C. Palvia, Varun Grover. Building a Model of Technology Preference: The Case of Channel Choices
239 -- 273Paul A. Pavlou, Omar A. El Sawy. Understanding the Elusive Black Box of Dynamic Capabilities
275 -- 296H. Müge Yayla-Küllü, Ali K. Parlaktürk, Jayashankar M. Swaminathan. Segmentation Opportunities for a Social Planner: Impact of Limited Resources