Journal: Decision Sciences

Volume 49, Issue 6

996 -- 998. IN THIS ISSUE
999 -- 1023Joel O. Wooten, Christopher S. Tang. Operations in Space: Exploring a New Industry
1024 -- 1060Xiang Wan, Martin E. Dresner, Philip T. Evers. How Do Delivery Variety Decisions Contribute to Sales? An Empirical Study on Demand and Supply Integration
1061 -- 1087Sebastian Schiffels, Thomas Fliedner, Rainer Kolisch. Human Behavior in Project Portfolio Selection: Insights from an Experimental Study
1088 -- 1115Ho Cheung Brian Lee, Jose M. Cruz, Ramesh Shankar. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Issues in Supply Chain Competition: Should Greenwashing Be Regulated?
1116 -- 1155Ramzi Hammami, Imen Nouira, Yannick Frein. Effects of Customers' Environmental Awareness and Environmental Regulations on the Emission Intensity and Price of a Product
1156 -- 1186Chunlin Wang, Glen Schmidt, Bo van der Rhee. Stage-Gate Contracts to Screen Agents with Inside Information
1187 -- 1228A. J. Burns, Tom L. Roberts, Clay Posey, Rebecca J. Bennett, James F. Courtney. Intentions to Comply Versus Intentions to Protect: A VIE Theory Approach to Understanding the Influence of Insiders' Awareness of Organizational SETA Efforts

Volume 49, Issue 5

784 -- 787. IN THIS ISSUE
788 -- 826Randall K. Minas, Alan R. Dennis, Robert F. Potter, Rasha Kamhawi. Triggering Insight: Using Neuroscience to Understand How Priming Changes Individual Cognition during Electronic Brainstorming
827 -- 862Cigdem Ataseven, Anand Nair, Mark Ferguson. An Examination of the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Supply Chain Integration in Humanitarian Aid Organizations: A Survey-Based Investigation of Food Banks
863 -- 900Xin Ma 0005, William Ho, Ping Ji 0001, Srinivas Talluri. Coordinated Pricing Analysis with the Carbon Tax Scheme in a Supply Chain
901 -- 931Avi Herbon. Single-Versus Two-Opportunity Price Postponement and Ordering Strategies of a Seasonal Product
932 -- 957Tsan-Ming Choi, Juzhi Zhang, T. C. Edwin Cheng. Quick Response in Supply Chains with Stochastically Risk Sensitive Retailers
958 -- 991Salar Ghamat, Hubert Pun, Xinghao Yan. Optimal Outsourcing Strategies When Capacity Is Limited

Volume 49, Issue 4

590 -- 592. IN THIS ISSUE
593 -- 624Roberto J. Mejias, Bruce A. Reinig, Alan R. Dennis, Scott B. MacKenzie. Observation versus Perception in the Conceptualization and Measurement of Participation Equality in Computer-Mediated Communication
625 -- 659Ilaria Giannoccaro, Anand Nair, Thomas Y. Choi. The Impact of Control and Complexity on Supply Network Performance: An Empirically Informed Investigation Using NK Simulation Analysis
660 -- 689Alan Mackelprang, Ednilson Bernardes, Gerard J. Burke, John C. Welter. Supplier Innovation Strategy and Performance: A Matter of Supply Chain Market Positioning
690 -- 727Arvind Sainathan. Customer Differentiation with Shipping as an Ancillary Service? Free Service, Prioritization, and Strategic Delay
728 -- 753Paolo Letizia. Contract Design in Processing Trade
754 -- 780He Huang 0004, Zhipeng Li, Hongyan Xu. Wholesale Price Auctions for Dual Sourcing under Supply Risk

Volume 49, Issue 3

404 -- 406. IN THIS ISSUE
407 -- 444Antti Tenhiälä, Manus Johnny Rungtusanatham, Jason W. Miller. ERP System versus Stand-Alone Enterprise Applications in the Mitigation of Operational Glitches
445 -- 486Anju Mehta, Nikhil Mehta. Knowledge Integration and Team Effectiveness: A Team Goal Orientation Approach
487 -- 521Rafay Ishfaq, Uzma Raja. Evaluation of Order Fulfillment Options in Retail Supply Chains
522 -- 552Avi Herbon. Optimal Pricing and Replenishment of an Expiring Inventoried Product under Heterogeneous Consumer Sensitivities
553 -- 586Norman A. Johnson, Randolph B. Cooper, Richard D. Holowczak. The Influences of Media, Power, and Male Communication on Concession Making by Females during Negotiations

Volume 49, Issue 2

222 -- 224. IN THIS ISSUE
225 -- 249Ayse Kocabiyikoglu, Celile Itir Gögüs, Mert Hakan Hekimoglu. The Impact of Decision Types on Revenue Management Decisions: An Experimental Study
250 -- 274Pelin Pekgün, Michael R. Galbreth, Bikram Ghosh. How Unequal Perceptions of User Reviews Impact Price Competition
275 -- 305Shashank Rao, Kang Bok Lee, Brian Connelly, Deepak Iyengar. Return Time Leniency in Online Retail: A Signaling Theory Perspective on Buying Outcomes
306 -- 334Aditya Jain. Responding to Shipment Delays: The Roles of Operational Flexibility & Lead-Time Visibility
335 -- 400Ali Intezari, David J. Pauleen. Conceptualizing Wise Management Decision-Making: A Grounded Theory Approach

Volume 49, Issue 1

7 -- 24Colin B. Gabler, Adam Rapp, Robert Glenn Richey Jr., Frank G. Adams. Can Service Climate Detract from Employee Performance? The Role of Experience in Optimizing Satisfaction and Performance Outcomes
25 -- 64Marc A. Scott, Gerard Burke, Joseph G. Szmerekovsky. "Do as I Do and Not as I Say": Exploring Price-Oriented Maverick Buying During Supplier Selection
65 -- 120Fang Fang, Haresh Gurnani, Harihara Prasad Natarajan. Leadership, Dominance, and Preeminence in a Channel Structure with a Common Retailer
121 -- 153Xin Ma 0005, William Ho, Ping Ji 0001, Srinivas Talluri. Contract Design with Information Asymmetry in a Supply Chain under an Emissions Trading Mechanism
154 -- 179Lusheng Shao. Competition under Diseconomies of Scale: The Role of Subcontracting and Single-Sourcing Commitment
180 -- 217Stefan Wörner, Marco Laumanns, Stephan M. Wagner. Simulation-Based Optimization of Capacitated Assembly Systems under Beta-Service Level Constraints