Journal: IEEE Distributed Systems Online

Volume 3, Issue 9

0 -- 0Janina Jakubczyc. Book Review: Motivating Self-Stabilization (A review of Self-Stabilization by Shlomi Dolev)
0 -- 0Paolo Bellavista, Antonio Corradi, Cesare Stefanelli. IEEE Pervasive Computing: Context-Aware Computing - The Ubiquitous Provisioning of Internet Services to Portable Devices
0 -- 0Greg Goth. News: Are the Airwaves Overcrowded?
0 -- 0Reinhard Maier, Georg Stöger, Stefan Poledna, Günther Bauer. IEEE Micro: Electronics Architecture - Time-Triggered Architecture: A Consistent Computing Platform
0 -- 0Adam Stone. OMA to Safeguard Wireless Content
0 -- 0Giovanni Rimassa. IEEE Internet Computing: IC ONLINE - Wired-Wireless Integration: A Middleware Perspective
0 -- 0Rita Puzmanova. Book Review: The Internet for All Who Are Curious (A review of The Internet Book: Everything You Need to Know About Computer Networking and How the Internet Works, 3rd ed., by Douglas E. Comer)
0 -- 0Shiva Sastry. Book Review: A Fair Success (A review of Pervasive Computing Handbook by Uwe Hansmann, Lothar Merk, Martin S. Nicklous, and Thomas Stober)
0 -- 0Mahadev Satyanarayanan. IEEE Pervasive Computing: From the Editor in Chief - Challenges in Implementing a Context-Aware System
0 -- 0Adam Stone. News: Pentagon Policies Limit Wireless Use

Volume 3, Issue 8

0 -- 0Przemyslaw Stpiczynski. Book Review: Parallel Programming in OpenMP Helps Novices (A review of Parallel Programming in OpenMP by Rohit Chandra, Leonardo Dagum, Dave Kohr, Dror Maydan, Jeff McDonald, and Ramesh Menon)
0 -- 0Ramesh Jain. IEEE Multimedia: Media Vision - Folk Computing
0 -- 0Ali R. Mirhosseini. Book Review: Computers as Components: The Art of Embedded Systems Programming (A review of Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design by Wayne Wolf)
0 -- 0Geoffrey Fox. Computing in Science & Engineering: Web Computing - Message Passing: From Parallel Computing to the Grid
0 -- 0David Kotz, Robert S. Gray, Daniela Rus. Mobile Agents: Future Directions for Mobile Agent Research
0 -- 0Adam Stone. News: The New Wireless Standard
0 -- 0Juan Pablo Villa. Book Review: CDMA Trends & Implementations (A review of IS-95 CDMA & cdma2000: Cellular/PCS Systems Implementation by Vijay K. Garg)
0 -- 0Dejan S. Milojicic. Interview: A Discussion with Leslie Lamport

Volume 3, Issue 7

0 -- 0Andreas A. Veglis. Book Review: Programming with ColdFusion 5.0 (A review of Programming ColdFusion by Rob Brooks-Bilson)
0 -- 0Greg Goth. News: Wireless Security Still Ad Hoc and Add-On
0 -- 0Margaret Weatherford. IEEE Intelligent Systems: Intelligencer - Mining for Fraud
0 -- 0Vikram Sheth. Book Review: A Useful Introduction to WAP (A review of Practical WAP-Developing Applications for Wireless Web by Chris Bennett)
0 -- 0George Semeczko. Book Review: Tips on Building Web Pages (A review of HTML & Web Design: Tips & Techniques by Kris Jamsa, Konrad King, and Andy Anderson)
0 -- 0Elisa Bertino, Athman Bouguettaya. IEEE Internet Computing: Guest Editors Introduction - Database Technology on the Web
0 -- 0K. H. Kim. Distributed Computing: Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing: Evolution and Issues
0 -- 0Joseph D. Touch. IEEE Internet Computing: IC Online - Those Pesky NATs

Volume 3, Issue 6

0 -- 0Shiva Sastry. Book Review: An Excellent Introduction (A review of Introduction to Distributed Algorithms by Gerard Tel)
0 -- 0Francesco Bellotti, Riccardo Berta, Alessandro De Gloria, Massimiliano Margarone. IEEE Pervasive Computing: Integrated Environments - User Testing a Hypermedia Tour Guide
0 -- 0Scott F. Midkiff. IEEE Pervasive Computing: Education - Network-Centric Systems
0 -- 0David I. Lewin. News: Six Degrees of Searches
0 -- 0Héctor Zenil. Book Review: Good JavaServer Pages Introduction (A review of Web Development with JavaServer Pages, 2nd edition by Duane K. Fields and Mark A. Kolb)
0 -- 0Wolfgang Gentzsch. News: Grid Computing: A Vendor s Vision

Volume 3, Issue 5

0 -- 0Terry R. Payne, Rahul Singh, Katia P. Sycara. IEEE Intelligent Systems: Semantic Web - Calendar Agents on the Semantic Web
0 -- 0Gurdip Singh, Masaaki Mizuno, Mitchell L. Neilsen, Donald H. Lenhert, Naiqian Zhang. Education: A Multidisciplinary Real-Time Embedded-Systems Curriculum
0 -- 0Greg Goth. IEEE Software: News - A New Era for Research and Development?
0 -- 0Andrzej Stachurski. Book Review: Parallel Computing Reaches to Industry (A review of Industrial Strength Parallel Computing edited by Alice E. Koniges)
0 -- 0Alessandro Piva, Franco Bartolini, Mauro Barni. IEEE Internet Computing: Issue Addendum - Managing Copyright: Watermark and Cryptography Algorithms
0 -- 0Richard Kilmer. IEEE Internet Computing: IC Online Exclusive - Peering Beyond the PC: Where P2P Meets the Wireless Web
0 -- 0Zhihui (Jeff) Xue. Book Review: An Integrated View of Algorithms ( A review of Algorithms Sequential and Parallel: A Unified Approach by Russ Miller and Laurence Boxer)
0 -- 0Agah Uguz. Book Review: Learning HTML (A review of How to Do Everything with HTML by James H. Pence)
0 -- 0Ashton Applewhite. News: Getting the Grid

Volume 3, Issue 4

0 -- 0Dave Stainforth, Jamie Kettleborough, Myles Allen, Mat Collins, Andy Heaps, James Murphy. Computing in Science & Eng.: Scientific Programming - Distributed Computing for Public-Interest Climate Modeling Research
0 -- 0Christine Neuwirth, Susan Harkness Regli. IEEE Internet Computing: Guest Editors Introduction - Usability and the Web
0 -- 0Andreas A. Veglis. Education: Web-Based Teaching Systems
0 -- 0Francisco Curbera, Matthew J. Duftler, Rania Khalaf, William Nagy, Nirmal Mukhi, Sanjiva Weerawarana. IEEE Internet Computing: Spotlight - Unraveling the Web Services Web: An Introduction to SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI
0 -- 0Jiadong Chen. Book Review: Java E-Commerce in a Nutshell (A review of Professional Java E-Commerce)
0 -- 0Greg Goth. News: GovNet Is Still Marking Time
0 -- 0George Semeczko. Book Review: An Introduction to Web Technologies (A review of Internet & World Wide Web: How to Program, 2nd edition)
0 -- 0Stig Fr. Mjølsnes. Book Review: Mobile Commerce (A review of Mobile Commerce: Opportunities, Applications, and Technologies)

Volume 3, Issue 3

0 -- 0Mahadev Satyanarayanan. Pervasive Computing: From the Editor - A Catalyst for Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
0 -- 0Edward A. Feustel. Book Review: Writing Secure Java Applications (A review of Java Security, 2nd ed.)
0 -- 0Zhihui (Jeff) Xue. Book Review: Distributed Operating Systems: Classical and Current Techniques (A review of Distributed Operating Systems: Concepts and Practice)
0 -- 0Larry L. Constantine, Lucy A. D. Lockwood. IEEE Software: Usage-Centered Engineering for Web Applications
0 -- 0Vincent M. Stanford. Pervasive Computing: Applications - Using Pervasive Computing to Deliver Elder Care
0 -- 0Garry Smith, Hong Ong, Mark Baker. Book Review: A Good Starting Point for XML (A review of XML: A Beginner s Guide)
0 -- 0Adam Stone. News: .Net: A Problem Or an Answer for Open-Sourcing Demands?
0 -- 0K. Mani Chandy, Axel Fuchs, Bill Janssen, Deepak Mulchandani, Mark Weiser. IC Online: Ubiquitous Computing: The Future of Development?

Volume 3, Issue 2

0 -- 0Andreas Gerber, Matthias Klusch. Intelligent Systems: Agent-Based Integrated Services for Timber Production and Sales
0 -- 0. Book Review: From Visual Basic to VB.Net (A review of Moving to VB.Net: Strategies, Concept, and Code)
0 -- 0David J. Farber. IC Online: Balancing Security and Liberty
0 -- 0David Lewin. News: Strike Up the Broadband
0 -- 0Roberto Baldoni, Michel Raynal. Fundamentals of Distributed Computing: A Practical Tour of Vector Clock Systems

Volume 3, Issue 12

0 -- 0Terry Costlow. In Brief: Spam Comes to Mobile Phones
0 -- 0Martín González Rodríguez. IEEE Software: Usability & Navigability - Automatic Data-Gathering Agents for Remote Navigability Testing
0 -- 0. IEEE Pervasive Computing: Wearable Computing - Works in Progress
0 -- 0Ashton Applewhite. IEEE Pervasive Computing: News - What Knows Where You Are? Personal Safety in the Early Days of Wireless
0 -- 0Neelam Dwivedi. Book Review: Brilliant Book on Rules of Ownership ( A review of Cyber Regs: A Business Guide to Web Property, Privacy and Patents by Bill Zoellick)
0 -- 0Simon J. Woodman. Book Review: An Introduction to the World of Web Services (A review of Web Services: Building Blocks for Distributed Applications by Graham Glass)
0 -- 0Laurianne McLaughlin. Library of Congress Tests Grid Technology
0 -- 0Ashton Applewhite. News: WCDMA and the 3G Turf Wars

Volume 3, Issue 11

0 -- 0Greg Goth. News: Mobile Backlash
0 -- 0Einar Vollset. Book Review: A Peek into the Future? (A review of The Intelligent Wireless Web by H. Peter Alesso and Craig F. Smith)
0 -- 0Ravi S. Sandhu. IEEE Internet Computing: Guest Editor s Introduction - The Technology of Trust
0 -- 0Ben Shneiderman. IEEE Multimedia: Visions and Views - Meeting Human Needs with New Digital Imaging Technologies
0 -- 0Dharmendra Lingaiah. Book Review: Communication Sans Wires (A review of Wireless Communications and Networks by William Stallings)
0 -- 0Adam Stone. Gaming on the Grid
0 -- 0Deborah L. McGuinness, Richard Fikes, James A. Hendler, Lynn Andrea Stein. IEEE Intelligent Systems: DAML+OIL: An Ontology Language for the Semantic Web
0 -- 0Rita Puzmanova. Book Review: Wireless Web: Not just for Managers (A review of Wireless Web: A Manager s Guide by Frank P. Coyle)

Volume 3, Issue 10

0 -- 0Bill N. Schilit, Jonathan Trevor, David M. Hilbert, Tzu Khiau Koh. Computer: Wireless - Web Interaction Using Very Small Internet Devices
0 -- 0Helen D. Karatza. Book Review: An Owner s Manual for High Performance Computing (A review of Techniques for Optimizing Applications: High Performance Computing by Rajat P. Garg and Ilya Sharapov)
0 -- 0Neelam Dwivedi. Book Review: One-Stop Reference for Networking Fundamentals (A review of Computer Networks and Internets with Internet Applications, 3rd ed. by Douglas E. Comer)
0 -- 0Philip K. McKinley, Kurt Stirewalt, Betty H. C. Cheng, Laura K. Dillon, Sandeep S. Kulkarni. Education: Interactive Distributed Applications and the Computer Science Curriculum
0 -- 0Adam Stone. In Brief: Building Better Storage, One Brick at a Time
0 -- 0Steve Vinoski. Internet Computing: Toward Integration - Middleware Dark Matter
0 -- 0Adam Stone. News: Weaving the Wi-Fi Blanket
0 -- 0George Semeczko. Book Review: Securing XML (A review of XML Security by Blake Dournaee)
0 -- 0Adam Stone. Getting Bluetooth Back on the Road
0 -- 0Pankaj Mehra. Internet Computing: Guest Editor s Introduction - Global Deployment of Data Centers

Volume 3, Issue 1

0 -- 0Steve Kapp. Survey: 802.11: Leaving the Wire Behind
0 -- 0Ashton Applewhite. News Feature: Don t Turn Your Back on Computer Viruses
0 -- 0Jean Bacon. From the Editor in Chief: DS Online s New Partners
0 -- 0Sethuraman Panchanathan. Multimedia: Ubiquitous MultiMedia: Bridging the Digital Divide
0 -- 0. Book Review: A Missed Opportunity
0 -- 0Adam Stone. News Brief: Wireless Education
0 -- 0Li Gong. Tutorial: Peer to Peer Networks in Action