Journal: IEEE Distributed Systems Online

Volume 5, Issue 9

0 -- 0Girish Baliga, Scott Graham, Lui Sha, P. R. Kumar. Service Continuity in Networked Control Using Etherware
0 -- 0Darrell R. Ulm. World Wide Wisdom
0 -- 0Terry Costlow. Wi-Fi Could Augment GPS
0 -- 0Raquel L. Hill, Jalal Al-Muhtadi, Roy H. Campbell, Apu Kapadia, Prasad Naldurg, Anand Ranganathan. A Middleware Architecture for Securing Ubiquitous Computing Cyber Infrastructures
0 -- 0Sam Samuel. Delivering the Promise of the Storage Area Network

Volume 5, Issue 8

0 -- 0Jean Bacon. Middleware 2004 Works in Progess
0 -- 0Greg Goth. Wireless MAN Standard Signals Next-Gen Opportunities
0 -- 0Minor Gordon. An Introduction to RDF Technologies: Too Little, Too Soon
0 -- 0O. Andrei Dragoi, James P. Black. Discovering Services Is Not Enough
0 -- 0Katrine Stemland Skjelsvik, Vera Goebel, Thomas Plagemann. Distributed Event Notification for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Volume 5, Issue 7

0 -- 0Hector A. Duran-Limon, Gordon S. Blair, Geoff Coulson. Adaptive Resource Management in Middleware: A Survey
0 -- 0Helen D. Karatza. An Excellent Resource for Parallel Computing
0 -- 0Zahia Guessoum. Adaptive Agents and Multiagent Systems
0 -- 0Greg Goth. Multimedia Search: Ready or Not?
0 -- 0Hector Zenil Chavez. Getting to Know Your Enemy
0 -- 0Terry Costlow. Smart Bullet Sniffs Out Explosives

Volume 5, Issue 6

0 -- 0Helen D. Karatza. A Valuable Resource of Programmers Using .NET Technology
0 -- 0Hector Zenil Chavez. Security Fundamentals
0 -- 0Laurianne McLaughlin. Bot Software Spreads, Causes New Worries
0 -- 0Terry Costlow. Universities Focus on Pervasive Computing Research

Volume 5, Issue 5

0 -- 0Benny Bing. A Good Wireless Technologies Reference
0 -- 0Hector Zenil Chavez. Artificial Intelligence Profits from Biological Lessons
0 -- 0Bernd Reiner, Karl Hahn. Optimized Management of Large-Scale Data Sets Stored on Tertiary Storage Systems
0 -- 0Maarten van Steen. On the Complexity of Simple Distributed Systems
0 -- 0Terry Costlow. Digital Postmark Helps Fight Spam, Virus Attacks

Volume 5, Issue 4

0 -- 0Adam Stone. Investigating Wireless Networks with WHYNET
0 -- 0Mikael Omma. On Building Multithreaded Applications
0 -- 0Shonali Krishnaswamy, Seng Wai Loke. Estimating Computation Times of Data-Intensive Applications
0 -- 0Jesús Ayala Cortés. A Brief Introduction to LDAP and Its Future
0 -- 0Angela Davids. Fraudulent Online Identity Sanctions Act

Volume 5, Issue 3

0 -- 0Greg Goth. When Is a Little in the Middle OK? The Internet s End-to-End Principle Faces More Debate
0 -- 0Frank van Harmelen. The Semantic Web: What, Why, How, and When
0 -- 0Mafruz Zaman Ashrafi, David Taniar, Kate A. Smith. ODAM: An Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining Algorithm
0 -- 0Hector Zenil Chavez. Applied Parallel Computing
0 -- 0Helen D. Karatza. Intelligent Software Agents Influence on Media-Based Systems
0 -- 0Fernando Berzal Galiano. Standards for Talking Computers
0 -- 0Benjamin Alfonsi. E-Voting Advocates Hold Out Hope

Volume 5, Issue 2

0 -- 0Rita Puzmanova. Transmissions in Home Networks
0 -- 0Adam Stone. Powerful Combination: GIS and Web Services
0 -- 0Mark Baker. Ian Foster on Recent Changes in the Grid Community
0 -- 0Pål Halvorsen, Carsten Griwodz, Vera Goebel, Ketil Lund, Thomas Plagemann, Jonathan Walpole. Storage System Support for Continuous-Media Applications, Part 1: Requirements and Single-Disk Issues
0 -- 0Yoshihiro Tohma. Incorporating Fault Tolerance into an Autonomic-Computing Environment
0 -- 0Terry Costlow. Camera Phone Bans Expected
0 -- 0Karen Lawson. Joining the Semantic Web and Information Visualization

Volume 5, Issue 12

0 -- 0Greg Goth. Critics Say Web Services Need a REST
0 -- 0Przemyslaw Stpiczynski. Valuable Resources on Aspects of Scalable Computing
0 -- 0Zalech Zalech. Essential ASP.NET2
0 -- 0Benjamin Alfonsi. Supply and Demandware: New on-demand e-commerce platform focuses on the bottom line

Volume 5, Issue 11

0 -- 0Bernard Cole. Utilities Look to the Skies for Monitoring the Power Grid
0 -- 0Wilson Pardi Jr.. Programming Concurrent and Distributed Algorithms In Java
0 -- 0Laurianne McLaughlin. What s Next in Web Search?
0 -- 0Maulik A. Dave. Numerical Programming on Networks of Computers
0 -- 0Steven Willmott. On Distributed Systems and Social Engineering

Volume 5, Issue 10

0 -- 0Juan M. Estévez-Tapiador. The Emergence of Cyber-Terrorism
0 -- 0Christopher Stewart, Kai Shen, Sandhya Dwarkadas, Michael L. Scott, Jian Yin. Profile-Driven Component Placement for Cluster-Based Online Services
0 -- 0Vagner Sacramento, Markus Endler, Hana K. Rubinsztejn, Luciana dos S. Lima, Kléder Miranda Gonçalves, Fernando N. Nascimento, Giulliano A. Bueno. MoCA: A Middleware for Developing Collaborative Applications for Mobile Users
0 -- 0David Geer. Survey: Embedded Linux Ahead of the Pack

Volume 5, Issue 1

0 -- 0Pål Halvorsen, Carsten Griwodz, Vera Goebel, Ketil Lund, Thomas Plagemann, Jonathan Walpole. Storage System Support for Continuous-Media Applications, Part 1: Requirements and Single-Disk Issues
0 -- 0Laurence Tianruo Yang, Marcin Paprzycki, Xiaohui Shen, Xingfu Wu. Guest Editors Introduction
0 -- 0Adam Stone. Internet2 s Breakthroughs for Academic Research
0 -- 0Juan M. Estévez-Tapiador. Moving Web Services to the Secure Side
0 -- 0Alex Vrenios. A Tutorial on Parallel Systems Development
0 -- 0Omer F. Rana, Annika Hinze. Trust and Reputation in Dynamic Scientific Communities
0 -- 0Minor Gordon. A Textbook for the Semantic Web
0 -- 0Dejan S. Milojicic. Microsoft s Jim Gray on Computing s Breakthroughs, Lessons, and Future
0 -- 0Terry Costlow. Virtual Table Brings Distant Loved Ones Together