Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 1, Issue 4

359 -- 370Mika Loukola, Jorma Skyttä. Enhanced Augmented IP Routing Protocol (EAIRP) in IPv6 Environment
371 -- 401Laurent Deveaux, Corina Paraschiv, Mathieu Latourrette. Bargaining on an Internet Agent-based Market: Behavioral vs. Optimizing Agents
403 -- 417Ross A. Malaga. Web-Based Reputation Management Systems: Problems and Suggested Solutions

Volume 1, Issue 3

215 -- 220Martin Bichler, Simon Field, Hannes Werthner. Introduction: Theory and Application of Electronic Market Design
221 -- 238Jayant Kalagnanam, Andrew J. Davenport, Ho Soo Lee. Computational Aspects of Clearing Continuous Call Double Auctions with Assignment Constraints and Indivisible Demand
239 -- 263William R. Gates, Mark E. Nissen. Designing Agent-Based Electronic Employment Markets
265 -- 276Benoît Leloup, Laurent Deveaux. Dynamic Pricing on the Internet: Theory and Simulations
277 -- 299Morad Benyoucef, Hakim Alj, Mathieu Vézeau, Rudolf K. Keller. Combined Negotiations in E-Commerce: Concepts and Architecture
301 -- 314Jeffrey E. Teich, Hannele Wallenius, Jyrki Wallenius, Alexander Zaitsev. Designing Electronic Auctions: An Internet-Based Hybrid Procedure Combining Aspects of Negotiations and Auctions
315 -- 334Nadège Marchand, Hans-Arno Jacobsen. An Economic Model to Study Dependencies between Independent Software Vendors and Application Service Providers
335 -- 353Michael Ströbel. Design of Roles and Protocols for Electronic Negotiations

Volume 1, Issue 1/2

5 -- 7Bezalel Gavish. Editor s Introduction to Electronic Commerce Research
9 -- 14Yiming Ye, Jiming Liu, Alexandros Moukas. Agents in Electronic Commerce
15 -- 31Pinar Keskinocak, Richard Goodwin, Frederick Y. Wu, Rama Akkiraju, Sesh Murthy. Decision Support for Managing an Electronic Supply Chain
33 -- 51Daniel Dajun Zeng. Managing Flexibility for Inter-Organizational Electronic Commerce
53 -- 68Zon-Yin Shae, Xiping Wang, Jürg von Kaenel. Transactional Multimedia Banner as Web Access Point
69 -- 84Matjaz Gams. A Uniform Internet-Communicative Agent
85 -- 100Giorgos Zacharia, Theodoros Evgeniou, Alexandros Moukas, Petros Boufounos, Pattie Maes. Economics of Dynamic Pricing in a Reputation Brokered Agent Mediated Marketplace
101 -- 117M. Tuan Tu, C. Seebode, Frank Griffel, Winfried Lamersdorf. DynamiCS: An Actor-Based Framework for Negotiating Mobile Agents
119 -- 130Sergio Loureiro, Refik Molva, Alain Pannetrat. Secure Data Collection with Updates
131 -- 148Walter Binder. J-SEAL2-A Secure High-Performance Mobile Agent System
149 -- 158Koen Bertels, Magnus Boman. Agent-Based Social Simulation in Markets
159 -- 168Magnus Boman, Lisa Brouwers, Karin Hansson, Carl Gustaf Jansson, Johan Kummeneje, Harko Verhagen. Artificial Agent Action in Markets
169 -- 181Marcus Chi-hung Ling, Kevin Lawler. Internet Advertising, Game Theory and Consumer Welfare
183 -- 202Ian R. Kerr. Ensuring the Success of Contract Formation in Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce