Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 11, Issue 4

357 -- 382Aashish Srivastava. Resistance to change: six reasons why businesses don't use e-signatures
383 -- 400Narayanasamy Kogilah, Rasiah Devinaga, Teck Ming Tan. The adoption and concerns of e-finance in Malaysia
401 -- 419Maureen Francis Mascha, Cathleen L. Miller, Diane J. Janvrin. The effect of encryption on Internet purchase intent in multiple vendor and product risk settings
421 -- 456Giannakis Antoniou, Lynn Margaret Batten. E-commerce: protecting purchaser privacy to enforce trust

Volume 11, Issue 3

245 -- 269Sean Kennedy, Robert Stewart, Paul Jacob, Owen Molloy. StoRHm: a protocol adapter for mapping SOAP based Web Services to RESTful HTTP format
271 -- 296Francesco Buccafurri, Gianluca Lax. Implementing disposable credit card numbers by mobile phones
297 -- 319Georgios Angelakopoulos, Athanassios Mihiotis. E-banking: challenges and opportunities in the Greek banking sector
321 -- 340Mamata Jenamani, Aurobinda Routray, Vikash Singh. A procedure using support vector data description and mutual information for end price assessment in online C2C auction
341 -- 355Lois Burgess, Belinda Parish, Carole Alcock. To what extent are regional tourism organisations (RTOs) in Australia leveraging the benefits of web technology for destination marketing and eCommerce?

Volume 11, Issue 2

123 -- 149Jörg Homberger. A generic coordination mechanism for lot-sizing in supply chains
151 -- 180Robert J. Nathan, Paul H. P. Yeow. Crucial web usability factors of 36 industries for students: a large-scale empirical study
181 -- 199Frank Ulbrich, Tina Christensen, Linda Stankus. Gender-specific on-line shopping preferences
201 -- 214Soonyong Bae, Taesik Lee. Gender differences in consumers perception of online consumer reviews
215 -- 243Md. Mahbubur Rahim, Graeme G. Shanks, Robert B. Johnston. A cross industry comparison of inter-organisational systems implementation activities

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 4Robert H. Deng, Jari Veijalainen, Shiguo Lian, Dimitris Kanellopoulos. Editorial: special issue on ubiquitous electronic commerce systems
5 -- 29Krassie Petrova, Bin Wang. Location-based services deployment and demand: a roadmap model
31 -- 74Anas Aloudat, Katina Michael. Toward the regulation of ubiquitous mobile government: a case study on location-based emergency services in Australia
91 -- 101Xi Chen, Shiguo Lian. Service and P2P based secure media sharing in mobile commerce environments
103 -- 121Yi Ren, Fangquan Cheng, Zhiyong Peng, Xiaoting Huang, Wei Song. A privacy policy conflict detection method for multi-owner privacy data protection