Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 12, Issue 4

409 -- 427Mohammad Amin Morid, Mehdi Shajari. An enhanced e-commerce trust model for community based centralized systems
429 -- 454Bernard J. Jansen, Lu Zhang, Anna S. Mattila. User reactions to search engines logos: investigating brand knowledge of web search engines
455 -- 484Iftekhar Hasan, Nada Kobeissi. Innovations, intellectual protection rights and information technology: an empirical investigation in the MENA region
485 -- 504I-Ching Chen, Shueh-Cheng Hu. Gender differences in shoppers' behavioural reactions to ultra-low price tags at online merchants
505 -- 518Zuowen Tan. An efficient identity-based tripartite authenticated key agreement protocol

Volume 12, Issue 3

249 -- 263Saeed Solaymani, Kiomars Sohaili, Esmaeil Akhlaghi Yazdinejad. Adoption and use of e-commerce in SMEs - A case study
265 -- 300Patrick Maillé, Evangelos Markakis, Maurizio Naldi, George D. Stamoulis, Bruno Tuffin. Sponsored search auctions: an overview of research with emphasis on game theoretic aspects
301 -- 330Regan Robinson, Tiong-Thye Goh, Rui Zhang. Textual factors in online product reviews: a foundation for a more influential approach to opinion mining
331 -- 378Aikaterini C. Valvi, Konstantinos C. Fragkos. Critical review of the e-loyalty literature: a purchase-centred framework
379 -- 407Simon Scarle, Sylvester Arnab, Ian Dunwell, Panagiotis Petridis, Aristidis Protopsaltis, Sara de Freitas. E-commerce transactions in a virtual environment: virtual transactions

Volume 12, Issue 2

125 -- 150Jin Baek Kim. An empirical study on consumer first purchase intention in online shopping: integrating initial trust and TAM
151 -- 175Payam Hanafizadeh, Hamid Reza Khedmatgozar. The mediating role of the dimensions of the perceived risk in the effect of customers' awareness on the adoption of Internet banking in Iran
177 -- 199Ching-Jui Keng, Tze-Hsien Liao, Yu-I Yang. The effects of sequential combinations of virtual experience, direct experience, and indirect experience: the moderating roles of need for touch and product involvement
201 -- 224Jung-Kuei Hsieh, Yi-Ching Hsieh, Yu-Chien Tang. Exploring the disseminating behaviors of eWOM marketing: persuasion in online video
225 -- 248Theodora Zarmpou, Vaggelis Saprikis, Angelos Markos, Maro Vlachopoulou. Modeling users' acceptance of mobile services

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 30Umberto Panniello, Michele Gorgoglione. Incorporating context into recommender systems: an empirical comparison of context-based approaches
31 -- 51Aytaç Gökmen. Virtual business operations, e-commerce & its significance and the case of Turkey: current situation and its potential
53 -- 96Manning Li, Stephanie Buchthal. Advisory services in the virtual world: an empowerment perspective
97 -- 123Jesús Téllez Isaac, Sherali Zeadally, José Sierra Camara. A lightweight secure mobile Payment protocol for vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs)