Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 16, Issue 4

425 -- 451Shiyong Li, Wei Sun. A mechanism for resource pricing and fairness in peer-to-peer networks
453 -- 477Qiang Yan, Lingli Wang, Wenjing Chen, Junghoo Cho. Study on the influencing factors of unplanned consumption in a large online promotion activity
479 -- 502Yan-Kwang Chen, Fei-Rung Chiu, Hung-Chang Liao, Chien-Hua Yeh. Joint optimization of inventory control and product placement on e-commerce websites using genetic algorithms
503 -- 528Hyun S. Shin, Dominique M. Hanssens, Kyoo il Kim. The role of online buzz for leader versus challenger brands: the case of the MP3 player market
529 -- 551Levent V. Orman. Information markets over trust networks
553 -- 580Qihua Liu, Shan Huang, Liyi Zhang. The influence of information cascades on online purchase behaviors of search and experience products

Volume 16, Issue 3

297 -- 333Nitin Walia, Mark Srite, Wendy Huddleston. Eyeing the web interface: the influence of price, product, and personal involvement
335 -- 354Brian P. Cozzarin, Stanko Dimitrov. Mobile commerce and device specific perceived risk
355 -- 374Yi-Fen Chen, Shi-Han Chang. The online framing effect: the moderating role of warning, brand familiarity, and product type
375 -- 399Huei-Ting Tsai, Hsin-Cheng Chang, Ming-Tien Tsai. Predicting repurchase intention for online clothing brands in Taiwan: quality disconfirmation, satisfaction, and corporate social responsibility
401 -- 424Estrella Díaz, David Martín-Consuegra, Hooman Estelami. A persuasive-based latent class segmentation analysis of luxury brand websites

Volume 16, Issue 2

143 -- 144Fujun Lai, Xin Robert Luo. Guest editors introduction to the special issue on service and manufacturing innovations in e-business platforms
145 -- 169Lifang Peng, Qinyu Liao, Xiaorong Wang, Xuanfang He. Factors affecting female user information adoption: an empirical investigation on fashion shopping guide websites
171 -- 188Tong Che, Zeyu Peng, Zhongsheng Hua. Characteristics of online group-buying website and consumers intention to revisit: the moderating effects of visit channels
189 -- 216Dan Ke, Anran Chen, Chenting Su. Online trust-building mechanisms for existing brands: the moderating role of the e-business platform certification system
217 -- 243Loo Geok Pee. Customer co-creation in B2C e-commerce: does it lead to better new products?
245 -- 267Xue Yang, Yan Li, Qinyu Liao. Exploring continued use of mobile shopping channel in China: the effects of active coping and its antecedents
269 -- 295Ze-Bin Wang, Yao-Yu Wang, Jian-Cai Wang. Optimal distribution channel strategy for new and remanufactured products

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 26Qiuzhen Wang, Liang Meng, Manlu Liu, Qi Wang, Qingguo Ma. How do social-based cues influence consumers' online purchase decisions? An event-related potential study
27 -- 72Leo Van Hove, Farhod P. Karimov. The role of risk in e-retailers' adoption of payment methods: evidence for transition economies
73 -- 111Abdullah Azfar, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Lin Liu 0003. Android mobile VoIP apps: a survey and examination of their security and privacy
113 -- 139Shehzad Ashraf Chaudhry, Mohammad Sabzinejad Farash, Husnain Naqvi, Muhammad Sher. A secure and efficient authenticated encryption for electronic payment systems using elliptic curve cryptography
141 -- 0Jian Mou, Dong-Hee Shin, Jason F. Cohen. Erratum to: Trust and risk in consumer acceptance of e-services