Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 19, Issue 4

747 -- 748J. Christopher Westland. Introduction to the special issue: electronic commerce in China's Belt and Road Initiative
749 -- 777Jian Mou, Gang Ren, Chunxiu Qin, Kerry Kurcz. Understanding the topics of export cross-border e-commerce consumers feedback: an LDA approach
779 -- 800Guo Li 0001, Na Li. Customs classification for cross-border e-commerce based on text-image adaptive convolutional neural network
801 -- 822Xusen Cheng, Linlin Su, Alex Zarifis. Designing a talents training model for cross-border e-commerce: a mixed approach of problem-based learning with social media
823 -- 840Jianping Li, Yinhong Yao, Yuanjie Xu, Jingyu Li, Lu Wei, Xiaoqian Zhu. Consumer's risk perception on the Belt and Road countries: evidence from the cross-border e-commerce
841 -- 861Yumeng Miao, Rong Du, Jin Li, J. Christopher Westland. A two-sided matching model in the context of B2B export cross-border e-commerce
863 -- 884Feifei Wang, Yang Yang, Geoffrey K. F. Tso, Yang Li. Analysis of launch strategy in cross-border e-Commerce market via topic modeling of consumer reviews
885 -- 914Yi Cui, Jian Mou, Jason F. Cohen, Yanping Liu. Understanding information system success model and valence framework in sellers' acceptance of cross-border e-commerce: a sequential multi-method approach
915 -- 941Baozhuang Niu, Jingmai Wang, Carman K. M. Lee, Lei Chen. "Product + logistics" bundling sale and co-delivery in cross-border e-commerce

Volume 19, Issue 3

471 -- 475Georgios Kambourakis, Gregorio Martínez Pérez, Félix Gómez Mármol. Editorial: special issue on advances in security and privacy for future mobile communications
477 -- 499Ronggang Zhou, Xiaorui Wang, Yuhan Shi, Renqian Zhang, Leyuan Zhang, Haiyan Guo. Measuring e-service quality and its importance to customer satisfaction and loyalty: an empirical study in a telecom setting
501 -- 520Chenglong Cao, Xiaoling Zhu. Strong anonymous mobile payment against curious third-party provider
521 -- 547Qihua Liu, Xiaoyu Zhang, Liyi Zhang, Yang Zhao 0008. The interaction effects of information cascades, word of mouth and recommendation systems on online reading behavior: an empirical investigation
549 -- 574Domenico Sardanelli, Agostino Vollero, Alfonso Siano, Gianmaria Bottoni. Lowering the pirate flag: a TPB study of the factors influencing the intention to pay for movie streaming services
575 -- 601Zhunzhun Liu, Shenglin Ben, Ruidong Zhang. Factors affecting consumers' mobile payment behavior: a meta-analysis
603 -- 627Sang-Hyeak Yoon, Hee-Woong Kim. What content and context factors lead to selection of a video clip? The heuristic route perspective
629 -- 654Bruno M. C. Silva, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues, Fábio Canelo, Ivo M. C. Lopes, Jaime Lloret. Towards a cooperative security system for mobile-health applications
655 -- 687Ge Zhang, Simone Fischer-Hübner. A survey on anonymous voice over IP communication: attacks and defenses
689 -- 718Fajiang Yu, Jing Chen 0003, Yang Xiang 0001, Jiacheng Zhu, Yangdi Zhao. An efficient anonymous remote attestation scheme for trusted computing based on improved CPK
719 -- 746Jose Oscar Fajardo, Fidel Liberal, Fudong Li, Nathan L. Clarke, Is-Haka Mkwawa. End-to-middle-to-end solution for IMS media plane security

Volume 19, Issue 2

257 -- 284Yani Wang, Jun Wang, Tang Yao. What makes a helpful online review? A meta-analysis of review characteristics
285 -- 310Zhihong Li, Yining Song, Xiaoying Xu. Incorporating facial attractiveness in photos for online dating recommendation
311 -- 337Martin P. Fritze, Andreas B. Eisingerich, Martin Benkenstein. Digital transformation and possession attachment: examining the endowment effect for consumers' relationships with hedonic and utilitarian digital service technologies
339 -- 371Stephen C. Wingreen, Natasha C. H. L. Mazey, Stephen L. Baglione, Gordon R. Storholm. Transfer of electronic commerce trust between physical and virtual environments: experimental effects of structural assurance and situational normality
373 -- 407Alireza Nili, Mary Tate, David Johnstone. The process of solving problems with self-service technologies: a study from the user's perspective
409 -- 449Lin Xiao, Zixiu Guo, John D'Ambra. Benefit-based O2O commerce segmentation: a means-end chain approach
451 -- 470Shanshan Wang, Kun Chen, Zhiyong Liu, Ren-Yong Guo 0001, Jianshan Sun, Qiongjie Dai. A data-driven approach for extracting and analyzing collaboration patterns at the interagent and intergroup levels in business process

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 21Haijing Hao, Rema Padman, Baohong Sun, Rahul Telang. Modeling social learning on consumers' long-term usage of a mobile technology: a Bayesian estimation of a Bayesian learning model
23 -- 57Subhasis Thakur. A reputation management mechanism that incorporates accountability in online ratings
59 -- 79Qi Wang 0011, Jijun Yu, Weiwei Deng. An adjustable re-ranking approach for improving the individual and aggregate diversities of product recommendations
81 -- 110Lynn Batten, Xun Yi. Off-line digital cash schemes providing untraceability, anonymity and change
111 -- 129Jianrong Yao, Jiarui Chen, June Wei, Yuangao Chen, Shuiqing Yang. The relationship between soft information in loan titles and online peer-to-peer lending: evidence from RenRenDai platform
131 -- 158Yeujun Yoon, Yu Li, Yan Feng. Factors affecting platform default risk in online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending business: an empirical study using Chinese online P2P platform data
159 -- 187Muhammad Rifki Shihab, Audry Pragita Putri. Negative online reviews of popular products: understanding the effects of review proportion and quality on consumers' attitude and intention to buy
189 -- 209Sofia Cardoso, Luis F. Martinez. Online payments strategy: how third-party internet seals of approval and payment provider reputation influence the Millennials' online transactions
211 -- 229Chien-Huang Lin, Ming Chen. The icon matters: how design instability affects download intention of mobile apps under prevention and promotion motivations
231 -- 255Mohammad Riazati, Mehdi Shajari, Siavash Khorsandi. An incentive mechanism to promote honesty among seller agents in electronic marketplaces