Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 2, Issue 4

323 -- 335Zhengying Wang, Bingxin Shi, Ling Zou. A Delay-Constrained Least-Cost Multicast Routing Heuristic for Dynamic Multicast Groups
337 -- 358Ahmed Patel, Mikhail Blinov. An External Broker Interface Based on Existing Trading Protocols
359 -- 384Vipul Agrawal, Giuseppe Lopomo, Sridhar Seshadri. Web Based Capacity Allocation Strategies for Customers with Heterogeneous Preferences
385 -- 398Cary A. Deck, Bart J. Wilson. The Effectiveness of Low Price Matching in Mitigating the Competitive Pressure of Low Friction Electronic Markets

Volume 2, Issue 3

195 -- 231Wil M. P. van der Aalst. Inheritance of Interorganizational Workflows to Enable Business-to-Business
233 -- 253Natarajan Gautam, Sridhar Seshadri. Performance Analysis for E-Business: Impact of Long Range Dependence
255 -- 285Sarah Spiekermann, Corina Paraschiv. Motivating Human-Agent Interaction: Transferring Insights from Behavioral Marketing to Interface Design
287 -- 316Chih-Ping Wei, Olivia R. Liu Sheng, Paul Jen-Hwa Hu. Fuzzy Statistics Estimation in Supporting Multidatabase Query Optimization

Volume 2, Issue 1-2

7 -- 29Thuong T. Le, Anthony C. Koh. A Managerial Perspective on Electronic Commerce Development in Malaysia
31 -- 42Stephen Chen, Jian Ning. Constraints on E-commerce in Less Developed Countries: The Case of China
43 -- 60Prithviraj Dasgupta, Kasturi Sengupta. E-Commerce in the Indian Insurance Industry: Prospects and Future
61 -- 73Chia Boon Kheng, Suliman Al-Hawamdeh. The Adoption of Electronic Procurement in Singapore
75 -- 85Pui-Mun Lee. Behavioral Model of Online Purchasers in E-Commerce Environment
87 -- 111John Ure. Modelling Critical Mass for E-Commerce: the Case of Hong Kong
113 -- 134Benjamin P.-C. Yen, Elsie O. S. Ng. Migrating Procurement onto the Internet
135 -- 149Kyung-Ah Chang, Byung-Rae Lee, Tai-Yun Kim. Open Authentication Model Supporting Electronic Commerce in Distributed Computing
151 -- 158E. C. Tan, P. C. Leong, L. T. Sio. Group-Access Control of Confidential Files in E-Commerce Management Using Shared-Secret Scheme
159 -- 168Ching-Te Wang, Chin-Chen Chang, Chu-Hsing Lin. A New Micro-Payment System Using General Payword Chain
169 -- 187Mohan S. Kankanhalli, K. F. Hau. Watermarking of Electronic Text Documents