Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 8, Issue 4

193 -- 216Gianluca Lax, Giuseppe M. L. Sarnè. CellTrust: a reputation model for C2C commerce
217 -- 234John Gerdes, Betsy Bender Stringam, Robert G. Brookshire. An integrative approach to assess qualitative and quantitative consumer feedback
235 -- 253Jochen Stößer, Dirk Neumann. GreedEx - a scalable clearing mechanism for utility computing
255 -- 273Jose L. Muñoz, Oscar Esparza, Jordi Forné, Esteve Pallarès. ::::H::::-OCSP: A protocol to reduce the processing burden in online certificate status validation

Volume 8, Issue 3

115 -- 142Rong Du, Ernest Foo, Colin Boyd. Designing a secure e-tender submission protocol
143 -- 154Jesús Manuel López-Bonilla, Luis Miguel López-Bonilla. Sensation seeking and e-shoppers
155 -- 172Ruiliang Yan. Profit sharing and firm performance in the manufacturer-retailer dual-channel supply chain
173 -- 192Panayiotis Koutsabasis, Modestos Stavrakis, Nikos Viorres, Jenny S. Darzentas, Thomas Spyrou, John Darzentas. A descriptive reference framework for the personalisation of e-business applications

Volume 8, Issue 1-2

1 -- 27Pearl Pu, Li Chen, Pratyush Kumar. Evaluating product search and recommender systems for E-commerce environments
29 -- 56Levent V. Orman. Browsing databases with constraint hierarchies
57 -- 77Phillip G. Bradford, Sunju Park, Michael H. Rothkopf, Heejin Park. Protocol completion incentive problems in cryptographic Vickrey auctions
79 -- 101Constantin Serban, Yingying Chen, Wenxuan Zhang, Naftaly H. Minsky. The concept of decentralized and secure electronic marketplace
103 -- 114James K. Ho. Inter-brand comparison of online auction markets