Journal: Electronic Commerce Research

Volume 9, Issue 4

243 -- 244Morad Benyoucef, Peter G. Kropf. Title of the special issue: Topics in e-technology research
245 -- 268Patrick Th. Eugster, Benoît Garbinato, Adrian Holzer. Pervaho: A specialized middleware for mobile context-aware applications
269 -- 316Alireza Pourshahid, Daniel Amyot, Liam Peyton, Sepideh Ghanavati, Pengfei Chen, Michael Weiss, Alan J. Forster. Business process management with the user requirements notation
317 -- 349Giannis Koumoutsos, Kleanthis Thramboulidis. A knowledge-based framework for complex, proactive and service-oriented e-negotiation systems
351 -- 374Carla Wilkin, Jon Riddett. IT governance challenges in a large not-for-profit healthcare organization: The role of intranets

Volume 9, Issue 3

149 -- 172June Lu, Lu-Zhuang Wang, Chun-Sheng Yu, Jia-Ying Wu. E-auction web assessment model in China
173 -- 181Juha-Miikka Nurmilaakso. ICT solutions and labor productivity: evidence from firm-level data
183 -- 202Kim Mackenzie, Sherrena Buckby, Helen Irvine. A framework for evaluating business lead users virtual reality innovations in Second Life
203 -- 223David G. Taylor, Donna F. Davis, Ravi Jillapalli. Privacy concern and online personalization: The moderating effects of information control and compensation
225 -- 242Hanan Luss, Arnold L. Neidhardt, K. R. Krishnan. An adaptive automated method for identity verification with performance guarantees

Volume 9, Issue 1-2

1 -- 2Savvas Papagiannidis, Michael Bourlakis, Feng Li. Editorial: I have an avatar therefore I exist
3 -- 26Alex Meredith, Zaheer Hussain, Mark D. Griffiths. Online gaming: a scoping study of massively multi-player online role playing games
49 -- 75Maria Rosita Cagnina, Michele Poian. Beyond e-business models: the road to virtual worlds
77 -- 96Yue Guo, Stuart Barnes. Virtual item purchase behavior in virtual worlds: an exploratory investigation
97 -- 113Vili Lehdonvirta. Virtual item sales as a revenue model: identifying attributes that drive purchase decisions
115 -- 134Lakshmi Goel, Sonja Prokopec. If you build it will they come? - An empirical investigation of consumer perceptions and strategy in virtual worlds
135 -- 148Michael Bourlakis, Savvas Papagiannidis, Feng Li. Retail spatial evolution: paving the way from traditional to metaverse retailing