Journal: EG

Volume 10, Issue 3/4

223 -- 237Waheduzzaman, Shah Jahan Miah. Attitudinal readiness assessment for establishing electronic governance
238 -- 258Daniela Fogli. Towards a new work practice in the development of e-government applications
259 -- 283Gilbert Maiga, Elizabeth Asianzu. Adoption of e-tax services in Uganda: a model of citizen-based factors
284 -- 309Gonçalo Paiva Dias, Marco Costa. Significant socio-economic factors for local e-government development in Portugal
310 -- 323Tobias Kollmann, Ina Kayser, Christoph Stöckmann. Understanding political participation on Facebook: the moderating role of intrinsic motivation
324 -- 342Mohammad Alryalat, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Michael D. Williams. Examining Jordanian citizens' intention to adopt electronic government
343 -- 360Munadil Faaeq, Noor Azizi Ismail, Wan Rozaini Sheik Osman, Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi, Alaa K. Faieq. A meta-analysis of the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology studies among several countries
361 -- 379Olga Fedotova, Leonor Teixeira, Helena Alvelos. E-participation in Portuguese local governments: evaluation of deployment and adherence of web 2.0 technologies
380 -- 398David L. Baker, C. E. Tapie Rohm Jr.. E-availability of financial documents for US' counties

Volume 10, Issue 2

105 -- 124Afshan Azam, Fu-qiang, Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah. Determinants of e-government services adoption in Pakistan: an integrated model
125 -- 150Mehmet Kabak, Serhat Burmaoglu. A holistic evaluation of the e-procurement website by using a hybrid MCDM methodology
151 -- 170Agneta Ranerup, Anna Bendz, Lars Norén. Swedish citizens' opinions on decision support in primary healthcare
171 -- 188Alicia Iriberri, Carlos J. Navarrete. E-government services: design and evaluation of crime reporting alternatives
189 -- 210Cevdet Bulut, Benjamin P.-C. Yen. E-procurement in public sector: a global overview
211 -- 221K. U. Vipin Kumar, Suresh Subramoniam. Usability analysis of an Indian e-governance software

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 18Jerald Hughes, Punit Ahluwalia, Vishal Midha. A heuristic evaluation instrument for e-government online software
19 -- 33Iqbal Khadaroo, Meng Seng Wong, Aminah Abdullah. Barriers in local e-government partnership: evidence from Malaysia
34 -- 55Koppula Srinivas Rao, K. R. Chandran. Mining of customer walking path sequence from RFID supermarket data
56 -- 67Emad Abu-Shanab, Yousra A. Harb. E-government readiness association with human rights index
68 -- 85Adel M. Aladwani. A contingency model of citizens' attitudes toward e-government use
86 -- 103Rania Mousa. E-government challenges at the UK's customs and tax department