Journal: EG

Volume 11, Issue 4

223 -- 240Emad Abu-Shanab, Shatha Haider. Major factors influencing the adoption of m-government in Jordan
241 -- 257L. C. O. Klaus. Military electronic governance as a proxy of Armed Forces' integrity: a model and an example
258 -- 282K. Harald Gjermundrød, Ioanna Dionysiou. A conceptual framework for configurable privacy-awareness in a citizen-centric eGovernment
283 -- 305Bingjia Shao, Xin (Robert) Luo, Qinyu Liao. Factors influencing e-tax filing adoption intention by business users in China
306 -- 321Tobias Kollmann, Ina Kayser, Christoph Stöckmann. What matters most? Investigating the role of perceived risk and trust in the acceptance of social networks for political communication

Volume 11, Issue 3

133 -- 153Madi Al-Sebie. Technical challenges facing integration e-government systems: an empirical study
154 -- 170Assia Tebib, Mahmoud Boufaïda. An architecture using formal interaction protocols for business process integration in e-government
171 -- 184Probir Kumar Banerjee, Louis C. K. Ma, Ronnie H. Shroff. E-governance competence: a framework
185 -- 206Francesco Buccafurri, Lidia Fotia, Gianluca Lax. A privacy-preserving e-participation framework allowing citizen opinion analysis
207 -- 222Anna Che Azmi, Nurul Fatma Aziz. Trust, justice and the continued use of e-filing

Volume 11, Issue 1/2

1 -- 15Sushil Kumar Singla, Himanshu Aggarwal. Status of e-governance in the state of Punjab (India): an analytical study
16 -- 38Zhenglun Chen. US e-government headings and their ideology
39 -- 58Christopher G. Reddick, Patricia A. Jaramillo. New digital media use and preferences for government: a survey of Canadians
59 -- 82Hind Lamharhar, Adil Kabbaj, Dalila Chiadmi, Laila Benhlima. An e-government knowledge model: 'e-customs' case study
83 -- 100Norshila Shaifuddin, Mohd Jasmi Md. Piah, Raja Noriza Raja Ariffin. The needs and criteria of kiosks in supporting e-government
101 -- 132Abdoullah Fath-Allah, Laila Cheikhi, Rafa E. Al-Qutaish, Ali Idri. E-government portals best practices: a comprehensive survey