Journal: EG

Volume 12, Issue 4

301 -- 318Gonçalo Paiva Dias, Helder Gomes, André Zúquete. Privacy policies and practices in Portuguese local e-government
319 -- 336Mrinalini Shah, Nilanjan Chattopadhyay. M-government implementation in India: a comparative study based on elaboration likelihood model
337 -- 356Carlos Roberto Brys, José Francisco Aldana Montes. A semantic model for electronic government and its enforcement in the Province of Misiones, Argentina
357 -- 374Hamed Al Nomani, Eric Deakins, Stuart Dillon, Gottfried Vossen. Achieving government-citizen dialogue in Arab nations via social media: contextual considerations
375 -- 394Rui Pedro Lourenço, Susana Jorge, Helena Rolas. Towards a transparency ontology in the context of open government
395 -- 405Edward Ayebeng Botchway, Ezer Osei Yeboah-Boateng, Titus Ebenezer Kwofie. Benefits of e-governance implementation in physical infrastructure development at the local government level

Volume 12, Issue 3

201 -- 222Gonçalo Paiva Dias. A decade of Portuguese research in e-government: evolution, current standing, and ways forward
223 -- 242Sumedha Chauhan, Anjali Kaushik. Evaluating citizen acceptance of unique identification number in India: an empirical study
243 -- 255Izzat Alsmadi, Emad Abu-Shanab. E-government website security concerns and citizens' adoption
256 -- 278Nur Widiyanto, Puspa Indahati Sandhyaduhita, Achmad Nizar Hidayanto, Qorib Munajat. Exploring information quality dimensions of government agency's information services through social media: a case of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Indonesia
279 -- 300Lakshminarayana Kompella. Enablers for improving organisational interoperability in e-governance systems

Volume 12, Issue 2

107 -- 141Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen. E-governance and stage models: analysis of identified models and selected Eurasian experiences in digitising citizen service delivery
142 -- 159Rajendra Kumar. Enhancing the reach of public services through mobile governance: sustainability of the Mobile Seva initiative in India
160 -- 185Kriti Priya Gupta, Swati Singh, Preeti Bhaskar. Citizen adoption of e-government: a literature review and conceptual framework
186 -- 200Mohammad Habibur Rahman, Rafia Naz, Gurmeet Singh. E-government prospects and challenges in Fiji

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 26Shin-Yuan Hung, Charlie C. Chen, Ralph Keng-Jung Yeh, Li-Chia Huang. Enhancing the use of e-learning systems in the public sector: a behavioural intention perspective
27 -- 46Mukesh Srivastava. Interactivity of social media in open government imperatives: an empirical study
47 -- 65Gary P. Moynihan, Daniel J. Fonseca. Contraflow evacuation e-planning system for I-65 in Alabama
66 -- 85Rabab Fatima Ansari, Afifa Baqar, Hamna Hassan, Fareeha Saeed. Heuristic, accessibility and usability evaluations of Pakistan's e-government websites
86 -- 105Gilberto dos Santos Madeira, Tor Guimaraes, Leonardo de Souza Mendes. Assessing some models for city e-government implementation: a case study