Journal: EG

Volume 6, Issue 4

343 -- 360LiChun Chiang. Trust and security in the e-voting system
361 -- 377Christopher G. Reddick. Management support and information security: an empirical study of Texas state agencies in the USA
378 -- 390Adnan Omar, M. Khurrum S. Bhutta, Terrance Sanchez. The impact of e-taxation policy on state and local government revenue
391 -- 405Pradeep Nair. An IT technical framework for e-government: based on case study in Indian context
406 -- 420Florin D. Ionita. IT governance - a global approach at company level
421 -- 432Nagendra Yadav, Hemant Yadav. An electronic government model based on case study approach

Volume 6, Issue 3

233 -- 251Huijuan Wu, A. Ant Ozok, Ayse P. Gurses, June Wei. User aspects of electronic and mobile government: results from a review of current research
265 -- 281Jyoti Choudrie, Jawad Wisal, Gheorghita Ghinea. Evaluating the usability of developing countries e-government sites: a user perspective
282 -- 294SeungJae Shin, Jack E. Tucci. A study of e-government infrastructure through WiFi implementation: strategic pricing to recover costs
295 -- 306Sandip C. Patel, Xingxing Zu. E-government application development using the Six Sigma approach
307 -- 326Niraj Prakash, Mahadeo Jaiswal, Umesh Gulla. A conceptual framework for measuring public value of enterprise applications
327 -- 341Jeffrey E. Kottemann. The effects of technological, institutional and fiscal readiness on the extent of nations e-government

Volume 6, Issue 2

111 -- 128A. K. Aggarwal. A training model for e-readiness in e-governance
129 -- 142Samer Ibrahim Mofleh, Mohammed Wanous. Reviewing existing methods for evaluating e-government websites
143 -- 161Chien-Chih Yu, Hsing-I Wang. Strategy mapping in the process of formulating digital divide strategies
162 -- 176Patrick Pizzella. an electronic government case study
177 -- 192Sehl Mellouli, Faouzi Bouslama. Multi-agent based framework for e-government
193 -- 212Kariofillis-Christos Chatzopoulos, Anastasios A. Economides. A holistic evaluation of Greek municipalities websites
213 -- 231Volha Bryl, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Roberta Ferrario, Andrea Mattioli, Adolfo Villafiorita. Evaluating procedural alternatives: a case study in e-voting

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 18Samer Ibrahim Mofleh, Mohammed Wanous, Peter Strachan. Understanding national e-government: the role of central government
19 -- 40Jungwoo Ryoo, Tae-Hwan Oh, SeungJae Shin, Young B. Choi. A comprehensive readiness assessment framework for identity theft safeguards in web-based electronic government systems
41 -- 53Wen-Hsien Tsai, Yuyun Purbokusumo, Julian Ming-Sung Cheng, Nguyen Duc Tuan. E-government evaluation: the case of Vietnam s provincial websites
54 -- 69Jiaqin Yang, Erin M. Harris, Mike Whitfield. E-government application in promoting local tourism: an empirical study
70 -- 96Mahmud Akhter Shareef, Uma Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi. Identifying critical factors for adoption of e-government
97 -- 109Hung-Lian Tang, Sock H. Chung, Chun Weng Se. Examining the impact of possible antecedents on service usage: an empirical study on Macao e-government