Journal: Eur. J. Control

Volume 15, Issue 6

599 -- 612Luca Gentili, Andrea Paoli, Claudio Bonivento. Tracking of Partially Unknown Trajectories for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
613 -- 623Jian Sun 0003, Guo-Ping Liu. On Improved Delay-dependent Stability Criteria for Neutral Time-delay Systems
624 -- 633Magdi S. Mahmoud, Naif B. Almutairi. Decentralized Stabilization of Interconnected Systems with Time-varying Delays
634 -- 644Bernhard P. Lampe, Efim N. Rosenwasser. Transfer Matrices and Statistical Analysis of Sampled-data Systems with Continuous Periodic Processes
645 -- 648Hisaya Fujioka. Discussion on: "Transfer Matrices and Statistical Analysis of Sampled-data Systems with Continuous Periodic Processes"
649 -- 664M. Soliman, Abdel-Latif Elshafei, Fahmy M. Bendary, Wagdy M. Mansour. Design of a Fuzzy Multi-objective Power System Stabilizer
665 -- 684Josef Shinar, Valery Y. Glizer, Vladimir Turetsky. A Pursuit-evasion Game with Hybrid Pursuer Dynamics

Volume 15, Issue 5

503 -- 516Taha Boukhobza, Frédéric Hamelin, Sinuhé Martinez-Martinez, Dominique Sauter. Structural Analysis of the Partial State and Input Observability for Structured Linear Systems: Application to Distributed Systems
517 -- 522M. Hou. Discussion on: ''Structural Analysis of the Partial State and Input Obervability for Structured Linear Systems. Application to Distributed Systems
523 -- 533Xian-Ming Zhang, Qing-Long Han. A Delay Decomposition Approach to H1 Control of Networked Control Systems
534 -- 544Reza Ghasemi, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj, Ahmad Afshar. A New Decentralized Fuzzy Model Reference Adaptive Controller for a Class of Large-scale Nonaffine Nonlinear Systems
545 -- 559Tamas Peni, Balázs Kulcsár, Jozsef Bokor. 2 Norm Improvement by Interpolating Controllers for Discrete-time LPV Systems
560 -- 577Ioannis Davliakos, Evangelos Papadopoulos. Impedance Model-based Control for an Electrohydraulic Stewart Platform
578 -- 593Marcello Farina, Sergio Bittanti. An Observer for Mass-action Chemical Reaction Networks

Volume 15, Issue 3-4

225 -- 0András Edelmayer, Csilla Bányász. Guest Editorial
228 -- 248Patrizio Colaneri. Dwell Time Analysis of Deterministic and Stochastic Switched Systems
249 -- 259Zoltán Szabó. Geometric Control Theory and Linear Switched Systems
260 -- 274Johan Schoukens, Gerd Vandersteen, Kurt Barbé, Rik Pintelon. Nonparametric Preprocessing in System Identification: a Powerful Tool
275 -- 310Håkan Hjalmarsson. System Identification of Complex and Structured Systems
311 -- 330Jakob Stoustrup. Plug & Play Control: Control Technology Towards New Challenges
331 -- 347Dragan Nesic. Extremum Seeking Control: Convergence Analysis
348 -- 369Rami Mangoubi, Mukund Desai, András Edelmayer, Paul Sammak. Robust Detection and Estimation in Dynamic Systems and Statistical Signal Processing: Intersections, Parallel Paths and Applications
370 -- 388Marco Muenchhof, Mark Beck, Rolf Isermann. Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance of Drive Systems : Status and Research
389 -- 397Eduardo D. Sontag, Domitilla Del Vecchio. Engineering Principles in Bio-molecular Systems: From Retroactivity to Modularity
398 -- 406David Angeli. A Tutorial on Chemical Reaction Network Dynamics
407 -- 417Gabriel Hulkó, Cyril Belavý, Alojz Mészáros, Pavol Bucek, Karol Ondrejkovic, Peter Zajicek. Engineering Methods and Software Support for Modeling and Design of Discrete-time Control of Distributed Parameter Systems
418 -- 440Sergio Galeani, Sophie Tarbouriech, Matthew C. Turner, Luca Zaccarian. A Tutorial on Modern Anti-windup Design
441 -- 448Arpita Sinha, Antonios Tsourdos, Brian A. White. Multi UAV Coordination for Tracking the Dispersion of a Contaminant Cloud in an Urban Region
449 -- 467Alexey S. Matveev, Andrey V. Savkin. The Problem of Stabilization of Networked Systems under Computational Power Constraints
468 -- 479Osvaldo Barbarisi, Giovanni Palmieri, Stefano Scala, Luigi Glielmo. LTV-MPC for Yaw Rate Control and Side Slip Control with Dynamically Constrained Differential Braking
480 -- 488Niek J. Doelman, Rufus Fraanje, Ivo Houtzager, Michel Verhaegen. Adaptive and Real-time Optimal Control for Adaptive Optics Systems

Volume 15, Issue 2

105 -- 119Nikolaos Kazantzis. Map Invariance and the State Reconstruction Problem for Nonlinear Discrete-time Systems
120 -- 130Costas Kravaris. Modular Design of Discrete-time Nonlinear Observers for State and Disturbance Estimation
131 -- 142Mingqing Xiao. The Construction of Nonlinear Discrete-time Observers with Local Lipschitz Conditions
143 -- 156Alfredo Germani, Costanzo Manes. A Discrete-time Observer Based on the Polynomial Approximation of the Inverse Observability Map
157 -- 165Ignacio Peñarrocha, Roberto Sanchis, Pedro Albertos. ∞ Observer Design for a Class of Nonlinear Discrete Systems
166 -- 176Hassan K. Khalil. Analysis of Sampled-data High-gain Observers in the Presence of Measurement Noise
177 -- 183Tanel Mullari, Ülle Kotta. Transformation the Nonlinear System into the Observer Form: Simplification and Extension
184 -- 193Wei Lin 0001, Jinfeng Wei. Observer Design for a Class of Discrete-time Nonlinear Systems
194 -- 204Mohamed Djemai, Jean-Pierre Barbot, I. Belmouhoub. Discrete-time Normal Form for Left Invertibility Problem
205 -- 217Salvatore Monaco, Dorothée Normand-Cyrot. Linearization by Output Injection under Approximate Sampling

Volume 15, Issue 1

5 -- 21Davide Martino Raimondo, Daniel Limón, Mircea Lazar, Lalo Magni, Eduardo F. Camacho. Min-max Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems: A Unifying Overview on Stability
22 -- 28Jan M. Maciejowski, J. Anthony Rossiter. Discussion on: "Min-max Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems: A Unifying Overview on Stability"
29 -- 44Rastko R. Selmic, Marios M. Polycarpou, Thomas Parisini. Actuator Fault Detection in Nonlinear Uncertain Systems Using Neural On-line Approximation Models
45 -- 55Rui Wang, Georgi M. Dimirovski, Jun Zhao. Switching-based Robust Exponential Stabilization of Linear Delay Systems with Faulty Actuators
56 -- 67Antonio Pietrabissa. Optimal Call Admission and Call Dropping Control in Links with Variable Capacity
68 -- 83Xing Jian Jing, Zi Qiang Lang, Stephen A. Billings. Frequency-Dependent Magnitude Bounds of the Generalized Frequency Response Functions for NARX Model
84 -- 94Emilia Fridman, Gennady Tsodik. H∞ Control of Distributed and Discrete Delay Systems via Discretized Lyapunov Functional
95 -- 96Keqin Gu. Discussion on: "H∞ Control of Distributed and Discrete Delay Systems via Discretized Lyapunov Functional"