Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 13, Issue 6

431 -- 446Florentin Ipate, Mike Holcombe. Testing Conditions for Communicating Stream X-machine Systems
447 -- 470Eric Badouel, Benoît Caillaud, Philippe Darondeau. Distributing Finite Automata Through Petri Net Synthesis
471 -- 492Stein Krogdahl, Olav Lysne. On Verification of Parallel Message-Passing Processes

Volume 13, Issue 3-5

187 -- 193David E. Rydeheard, Donald Sannella. A Collection of Papers and Memoirs Celebrating the Contribution of Rod Burstall to Advances in Computer Science
194 -- 0Eleanor Kerse. Ode to Rod Burstall
195 -- 0Peter J. Landin. Rod Burstall: A Personal Note
196 -- 213Robin J. Popplestone. POP, A Broad-Spectrum Programming Language, 1967-2002
214 -- 232David B. MacQueen. Should ML be Object-Oriented?
233 -- 251Alberto Pettorossi, Maurizio Proietti. The List Introduction Strategy for the Derivation of Logic Programs
252 -- 273Michel Bidoit, Donald Sannella, Andrzej Tarlecki. Architectural Specifications in CASL
274 -- 307Joseph A. Goguen, Grigore Rosu. Institution Morphisms
308 -- 326Edmund Robinson. Variations on Algebra: Monadicity and Generalisations of Equational Theories
327 -- 340James J. Leifer, Robin Milner. Shallow Linear Action Graphs and their Embeddings
341 -- 363Murdoch Gabbay, Andrew M. Pitts. A New Approach to Abstract Syntax with Variable Binding
364 -- 385Gordon D. Plotkin. Three Inadequate Models
386 -- 402Robert Pollack. Dependently Typed Records in Type Theory
403 -- 421Jon Whittle, Alan Bundy, Richard J. Boulton. Proofs-as-Programs as a Framework for the Design of an Analogy-Based ML Editor
422 -- 429Henk Barendregt. The Ancient Theory of Mind

Volume 13, Issue 2

93 -- 0John Cooke, B. Tim Denvir. Editorial
94 -- 110Carsten Sühl. An Overview of the Integrated Formalism RT-Z
111 -- 127John Derrick, Eerke Boiten. Combining Component Specifications in Object-Z and CSP
128 -- 141Graeme Smith, Ian J. Hayes. An Introduction to Real-Time Object-Z
142 -- 160Brendan P. Mahony, Jin Song Dong. Deep Semantic Links of TCSP and Object-Z: TCOZ Approach
161 -- 186Martin Große-Rhode. Compositional Comparison of Formal Software Specifications Using Transformation Systems

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 31Radu Grosu, Ketil Stølen. Stream-Based Specification of Mobile Systems
32 -- 49Steven Vickers, Gillian Hill. Presheaves as Configured Specifications
50 -- 91José J. Pazos Arias, Jorge García Duque. SCTL-MUS: A Formal Methodology for Software Development of Distributed Systems. A Case Study