Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 29, Issue 6

933 -- 0. Michael J.C. Gordon FRS Professor of Computer Assisted Reasoning (28 February 1948-22 August 2017)
935 -- 950Graeme Smith, Kirsten Winter. Relating trace refinement and linearizability
951 -- 986Hosein Nazarpour, Yliès Falcone, Saddek Bensalem, Marius Bozga. Concurrency-preserving and sound monitoring of multi-threaded component-based systems: theory, algorithms, implementation, and evaluation
987 -- 1011Mohamed Graiet, Lazhar Hamel, Amel Mammar, Samir Tata. A verification and deployment approach for elastic component-based applications
1013 -- 1050Ramiro Demasi, Pablo F. Castro, Thomas Stephen Edward Maibaum, Nazareno Aguirre. Simulation relations for fault-tolerance
1051 -- 1086Behnaz Yousefi, Fatemeh Ghassemi, Ramtin Khosravi. Modeling and efficient verification of wireless ad hoc networks
1087 -- 1120Sebastian Eggert, Ron van der Meyden. Dynamic intransitive noninterference revisited
1121 -- 1122Cliff B. Jones. The Turing Guide - By Jack Copeland, Jonathan Bowen, Mark Sprevak, Robin Wilson and others Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 26 January 2017, xv+576 pp, 246 × 189 mm, ISBN: 9780198747826 (Hardback, $75.00), ISBN: 9780198747833 (Paperback, $19.99)

Volume 29, Issue 5

777 -- 803Pavel Jancík, Jan Kofron. On partial state matching
805 -- 832Daniel Gâinâ. Birkhoff style calculi for hybrid logics
833 -- 852Wim H. Hesselink. Tournaments for mutual exclusion: verification and concurrent complexity
853 -- 875Robert J. Colvin, Ian J. Hayes, Larissa A. Meinicke. Designing a semantic model for a wide-spectrum language with concurrency
877 -- 910Rumyana Neykova, Laura Bocchi, Nobuko Yoshida. Timed runtime monitoring for multiparty conversations
911 -- 931Peter Schrammel, Daniel Kroening, Martin Brain, Ruben Martins, Tino Teige, Tom Bienmüller. Incremental bounded model checking for embedded software

Volume 29, Issue 4

581 -- 582Xuandong Li, Zhiming Liu 0001. Editorial
583 -- 600Gregor von Bochmann, Martin Hilscher, Sven Linker, Ernst-Rüdiger Olderog. Synthesizing and verifying controllers for multi-lane traffic maneuvers
601 -- 627David Faitelson, Shmuel S. Tyszberowicz. Improving design decomposition (extended version)
629 -- 649Hassan Hatefi, Ralf Wimmer, Bettina Braitling, Luis María Ferrer Fioriti, Bernd Becker 0001, Holger Hermanns. Cost vs. time in stochastic games and Markov automata
651 -- 703Sebastian Junges, Dennis Guck, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Arend Rensink, Mariëlle Stoelinga. Fault trees on a diet: automated reduction by graph rewriting
705 -- 750Ben C. Moszkowski, Dimitar P. Guelev. An application of temporal projection to interleaving concurrency
751 -- 775Shuling Wang, Naijun Zhan, Lijun Zhang 0001. A Compositional Modelling and Verification Framework for Stochastic Hybrid Systems

Volume 29, Issue 3

381 -- 382Moreno Falaschi, Augusto Sampaio. Editorial
383 -- 399Dale Miller. Proof checking and logic programming
401 -- 421Hirohisa Seki. On dual programs in co-logic programming and the Horn μ -calculus
423 -- 452José Meseguer, Stephen Skeirik. Equational formulas and pattern operations in initial order-sorted algebras
453 -- 474Peng Fu 0001, Ekaterina Komendantskaya. Operational semantics of resolution and productivity in Horn clause logic
475 -- 494Sergio Antoy, Michael Hanus. Transforming Boolean equalities into constraints
495 -- 530Dipak L. Chaudhari, Om P. Damani. Assumption propagation through annotated programs
531 -- 557Marco Comini, María-del-Mar Gallardo, Laura Titolo, Alicia Villanueva. A program analysis framework for tccp based on abstract interpretation
559 -- 579Michael Codish, Luís Cruz-Filipe, Markus Nebel, Peter Schneider-Kamp. Optimizing sorting algorithms by using sorting networks

Volume 29, Issue 2

173 -- 0. Amílcar Sernadas
175 -- 225Dines Bjørner. Manifest domains: analysis and description
227 -- 249Qin Li, Graeme Smith. Refining autonomous agents with declarative beliefs and desires
251 -- 307Anirban Bhattacharyya, Andrey Mokhov, Ken Pierce. An empirical comparison of formalisms for modelling and analysis of dynamic reconfiguration of dependable systems
309 -- 334Adrián Riesco, Kazuhiro Ogata, Kokichi Futatsugi. A Maude environment for CafeOBJ
335 -- 364Wen-ling Huang, Jan Peleska. Complete model-based equivalence class testing for nondeterministic systems
365 -- 379Kunal Banerjee, Dipankar Sarkar, Chittaranjan A. Mandal. Deriving bisimulation relations from path based equivalence checkers

Volume 29, Issue 1

1 -- 2Maurizio Proietti, Hirohisa Seki, Jim Woodcock. Editorial
3 -- 31Roberto Giacobazzi, Isabella Mastroeni, Mila Dalla Preda. Maximal incompleteness as obfuscation potency
33 -- 55Aziem Chawdhary, Ranjeet Singh, Andy King. Partial evaluation of string obfuscations for Java malware detection
57 -- 95Henning Christiansen, Maja H. Kirkeby. On proving confluence modulo equivalence for Constraint Handling Rules
97 -- 124Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias, James Lipton, Julio Mariño. Constraint logic programming with a relational machine
125 -- 153Vincent Nys, Danny De Schreye. Abstract conjunctive partial deduction for the analysis and compilation of coroutines
155 -- 172Wlodzimierz Drabent. Proving completeness of logic programs with the cut