Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 3, Issue 4

315 -- 325Peter Baumann. Towards a Semantics-Based Information Theory
326 -- 345Rolf Hennicker. Context Induction: A Proof Principle for Behavioural Abstractions and Algebraic Implementations
346 -- 366Matthew Hennessy. A Proof Sustem for Communicating Processes with Value-Passing

Volume 3, Issue 3

218 -- 252Michael Hedberg. Normalising the Associative Law: An Experiment with Martin-Löf s Type Theory
253 -- 283Vangalur S. Alagar, Greetha Ramanathan. Functional Specification and Proof of Correctness for Time Dependent Behaviour of Reactive Systems
284 -- 307Huajun Qin, Philip Lewis. Factorisation of Finite State Machines under Strong and Observational Equivalences

Volume 3, Issue 2

110 -- 128Geoff Barrett. The Fixed Point Theory of Unbounded Non-Determinism
129 -- 141Elspeth Cusack. Refinement, Conformance and Inheritance
142 -- 188Jos C. M. Baeten, Jan A. Bergstra. Real Time Process Algebra
189 -- 205Beverly A. Sanders. Eliminating the Substitution Axiom from UNITY Logic

Volume 3, Issue 1

2 -- 20Olaf Owe, Ole-Johan Dahl. Generator Induction in Order Sorted Algebras
21 -- 57Manfred Broy. Towards a Formal Foundation of the Specification and Description Language SDL
58 -- 101Susan Stepney, Dave Whitely, David Cooper, Colin Grant. A Demonstrably Correct Compiler