Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 4, Issue 6A

597 -- 611David M. Russinoff. A Verification System for Current Programs Based on the Boyer-Moore Prover
612 -- 637Lucia Pomello, Carla Simone. An Algebraic Characterisation of Elementary Net System (Observable) State Space
638 -- 648José L. Balcázar, Joaquim Gabarró, Miklos Santha. Deciding Bisimilarity is P-Complete
649 -- 672M. W. Shields. Multitraces, Hypertraces and Partial Order Semantics
673 -- 692Maarten M. Fokkinga. Calculate Categorically!
693 -- 726C. T. P. Burton. Program Morphisms
727 -- 754Masaaki Mizuno, David A. Schmidt. A Security Flow Control Algorithm and Its Denotational Semantics Correctness Proof
755 -- 775William R. Bevier, William D. Young. Machine Checked Proofs of the Design of a Fault-Tolerance Circuit
776 -- 780Jeroen Fokker. The Systematic Construction of a One-Combinator Basis for Lambda-Terms

Volume 4, Issue 6

497 -- 543Fredrik Orava, Joachim Parrow. An Algebraic Verification of a Mobile Network
544 -- 571Noureddine Boudriga, Fathi Elloumi, Ali Mili. On the Lattice of Specifications: Applications to a Specification Methodology
572 -- 581Eike Best, Ludmila Cherkasova, Jörg Desel. Compositional Generation of Home States in Free Choice Nets
582 -- 591Nissim Francez, Ralph-Johan Back, Reino Kurki-Suonio. On Equivalence-Completions of Fairness Assumtions

Volume 4, Issue 5

413 -- 424Lambert G. L. T. Meertens. Paramorphisms
425 -- 441Jonathan P. Seldin. Coquand s Calculus of Constructions: A Mathematical Foundation for a Proof Development System
442 -- 469Zhiming Liu, Mathai Joseph. Transformation of Programs for Fault-Tolerance
470 -- 486J. Roger Hindley. Types with Intersection: An Introduction
487 -- 492Andrew Kay, Peter Lupton. Sequential to Parallel Buffer Refinement (Short Communication)

Volume 4, Issue 4

323 -- 340Olaf Owe. Axiomatic Treatment of Processes with shared Variables Revisited
341 -- 375Heinz Faßbender, Heiko Vogler. An Implementation of Syntax Directed Functional Programming on Nested-Stack Machines
376 -- 408Pierre America, Jan J. M. M. Rutten. A Layered Semantics for a Parallel Object-Oriented Language

Volume 4, Issue 3

239 -- 272José Luiz Fiadeiro, T. S. E. Maibaum. Temporal Theories as Modularisation Units for Concurrent System Specification
273 -- 298James H. Anderson, Mohamed G. Gouda. A Criterion for Atomicity
299 -- 319Michael Fisher. A Model Checker for Linear Time Temporal Logic

Volume 4, Issue 2

149 -- 194Parosh Aziz Abdulla. Automatic Verification of a Class Systolic Circuits
195 -- 236Johan J. Lukkien, Jan L. A. van de Snepscheut. Weakest Preconditions for Progress

Volume 4, Issue 1

13 -- 47C. A. Middelburg. Modular Structuring of VDM Specifications in VVSL
48 -- 75Chris George. The NDB Database Specified in the RAISE Specification Language
76 -- 99Ian J. Hayes. VDM and Z: A Comparative Case Study
100 -- 142Edmund Kazmierczak. Modularising the Specification of a Small Database System in Extended ML