Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 6, Issue 6A

743 -- 765Krzysztof R. Apt, Elena Marchiori. Reasoning About Prolog Programs: From Modes Through Types to Assertions
766 -- 787Jan van Eijck. Presupposition Failure-A Comedy of Errors
788 -- 800Marcello M. Bonsangue, Joost N. Kok. The Weakest Precondition Calculus: Recursion and Duality
801 -- 826Jozef Hooman. Extending Hoare Logic to Real-Time
826 -- 845Michael R. Hansen. Model-Checking Discrete Duration Calculus

Volume 6, Issue 6

586 -- 606Peter Gorm Larsen, Nico Plat, Hans Toetenel. A Formal Semantics of Data Flow Diagrams
607 -- 619K. Mani Chandy. Properties of Concurrent Programs
620 -- 642Arnon Avron, Nada Sasson. Stability, Sequentiality and Demand Driven Evaluation in Dataflow
643 -- 658Jifeng He, Jonathan P. Bowen. Specification, Verification and Prototyping of an Optimized Compiler
659 -- 675Yasuhiko Minamide. Sharing Analysis Based on Type Interface
676 -- 695Paola Inverardi, Corrado Priami, Daniel Yankelevich. Automatizing Parametric Reasoning on Distributed Concurrent Systems
696 -- 715Mike Stannett. Infinite Concurrent Systems-I. The Relationship between Metric and Order Convergence
716 -- 737Frank A. Stomp, Willem P. de Roever. A Principle for Sequential Reasoning about Distributed Algorithms

Volume 6, Issue 5

471 -- 494David H. Pitt, Paddy Byers. The Rest Says Unchanged (Concurrency and State-Based Specification)
495 -- 512A. Prasad Sistla. Safety, Liveness and Fairness in Temporal Logic
512 -- 535Hans Hansson, Bengt Jonsson. A Logic for Reasoning about Time and Reliability
536 -- 564Chris M. N. Tofts. Processes with Probablities, Priority and Time
565 -- 568Peter Gorm Larsen. Repsonse to The Formal Specification of Safety Requirements for Storing Explosives (Short Communication)
569 -- 579Iain S. C. Houston, Mark B. Josephs. Specifying Distributed CICS in Z: Accessing Local and Remote Resources (Short Communication)
580 -- 584Leslie Lamport. How to Write a Long Formula (Short Communication)

Volume 6, Issue 4

359 -- 390David M. Russinoff. A Mechanically Verified Incremental Garbage Collector
391 -- 416Karl J. Lieberherr, Walter L. Hürsch, Cun Xiao. Object-Extending Class Transformations
417 -- 439J. P. Wray, A. Stewart. Correct Translation of Data Parallel Assignment onto Array Processors
440 -- 465Peter Dybjer. Inductive Families
466 -- 470I. S. W. B. Prasetya. Error in the UNITY Rule for Subscripted Operators (Short Communication)

Volume 6, Issue 3

250 -- 268Jos C. M. Baeten, Jan A. Bergstra. On Sequential Compoisiton, Action Prefixes and Process Prefixes
269 -- 316Pierre America, Frank S. de Boer. Reasoning about Dynamically Evolving Process Structures
317 -- 338Bard Bloom. When is Partial Trace Equivalence Adequate?
339 -- 358Chris Brink, Katarina Britz, Renate A. Schmidt. Peirce Algebras

Volume 6, Issue 2

115 -- 164Jan Friso Groote, Alban Ponse. Process Algebra with Guards: Combining Hoare Logic with Process Algebra
165 -- 200Gérard Boudol, Ilaria Castellani, Matthew Hennessy, Astrid Kiehn. A Theory of Processes with Localities
201 -- 222Luca Aceto. A Static View of Localities
223 -- 244Grigoris Antoniou. The Verification of Modules

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 38John Staples, Peter J. Robinson, Daniel Hazel. A Functional Logic for Higher Level Reasoning About Computation
39 -- 59Peter Nickolas. The Completeness of Functional Logic
60 -- 91J. Strother Moore. A Formal Model of Asynchronous Communication and its Use in Mechanically Verifying a Biphase Mark Protocol
92 -- 112Glenn Bruns, Stuart Anderson. The Formalization and Analysis of a Communications Protocol