Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 8, Issue 6

617 -- 647Carroll Morgan, Annabelle McIver, Karen Seidel, Jeff W. Sanders. Refinement-Oriented Probability for CSP
648 -- 678Alban Ponse. Computable Processes and Bisimulation Equivalence
679 -- 705Jeffery I. Zucker. Transformations of Normal and Inverted Function Tables
706 -- 715Ruth Breu, Elena Zucca. An Algebraic Semantic Framework for Object Oriented Languages with Concurrency (Extended Abstract)
716 -- 736Murali Sitaraman. Impact of Performance Considerations on Formal Specification Design

Volume 8, Issue 5

499 -- 538Nancy A. Lynch, Frits W. Vaandrager. Action Transducers and Timed Automata
539 -- 564Christoph Beierle, Egon Börger. Refinement of a Typed WAM Extension by Polymorphic Order-Sorted Types
565 -- 584J. Michael Spivey. Richer Types for Z
585 -- 606Scott A. Smolka, Bernhard Steffen. Priority as Extremal Probability
607 -- 616Susanne Graf, Bernhard Steffen, Gerald Lüttgen. Compositional Minimisation of Finite State Systems Using Interface Specifications

Volume 8, Issue 4

379 -- 407Matthew Hennessy, H. Lin. Proof Systems for Message-Passing Process Algebras
408 -- 427David Scholefield. Real-Time Refinement in Manna and Pnueli s Temporal Logic
428 -- 462Christoph Beierle, Egon Börger. Specification and Correctness Proof of a WAM Extension with Abstract Type Constraints
463 -- 478Stefan Rönn. Invariants and Closures in the Theory of Rewrite Systems
479 -- 489A. P. Martin, Paul H. B. Gardiner, Jim Woodcock. A Tactic Calculus-Abridged Version
490 -- 497Mark Harman, Dan Simpson, Sebastian Danicic. Slicing Programs in the Presence of Errors

Volume 8, Issue 3

247 -- 293Giuseppe Castagna. Integration of Parametric and ad hoc Second Order Polymorphism in a Calculus with Subtyping
294 -- 323Ping Zhou, Jozef Hooman, Ruurd Kuiper. Compositional Verification of Real-Time Systems with Explicit Clock Temporal Logic
324 -- 346Ralph-Johan Back, Kaisa Sere. Superposition Refinement of Reactive Systems
347 -- 368Roger Duke, Cecily Bailes, Graeme Smith. A Blocking Model for Reactive Objects
369 -- 375J. Michael Spivey. The Consistency Theorem for Free Type Definitions in Z

Volume 8, Issue 2

127 -- 161Ketil Stølen, Frank Dederichs, Rainer Weber. Specification and Refinement of Networks of Asynchronously Communicating Agents Using the Assumption/Commitment Paradigm
162 -- 187Padmanabhan Krishnan. Architectural CCS
188 -- 208Jos C. M. Baeten, Jan A. Bergstra. Discrete Time Process Algebra
209 -- 237Geoffrey Brown, Wayne Luk, John O Leary. Retargeting a Hardware Compiler Using Protokol Converters
238 -- 244Walter Hussak. On CCS with Parametric Relabelling

Volume 8, Issue 1

3 -- 46Paulo S. C. Alencar, Carlos José Pereira de Lucena. A Logical Framework for Evolving Software Systems
47 -- 66Peter Gorm Larsen, Bo Stig Hansen. Semantics of Under-determined Expressions
67 -- 85Karen Seidel, Paul H. B. Gardiner. Structured Development of a Virtual Shared Memory System
86 -- 107Martin Simons, Matthias Weber. An Approach to Literate and Structured Formal Developments
108 -- 126David Billington, R. Geoff Dromey. The Co-invariant Generator: An Aid in Deriving Loop Bodies