Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 9, Issue 5-6

448 -- 468Wim H. Hesselink. Theories for Mechanical Proofs of Imperative Programs
469 -- 483Ralph-Johan Back, Jim Grundy, Joakim von Wright. Structured Calculational Proof
484 -- 517Catherine Parent-Vigouroux. Verifying Programs in the Calculus of Inductive Constructions
518 -- 536Peter M. W. Knijnenburg, Joost N. Kok. The Semantics of the Combination of Atomized Statements and Parallel Choice
537 -- 559John O Leary, Geoffrey Brown, Wayne Luk. Verified Compilation of Communicating Processes into Clocked Circuits

Volume 9, Issue 4

349 -- 358Colin O Halloran, R. D. Arthan, D. King. Using a Formal Specification Contractually
359 -- 378Charanjit S. Jutla, Josyula R. Rao. A Methodology for Designing Proof Rules for Fair Parallel Programs
379 -- 394Ralf Kneuper. Limits of Formal Methods
395 -- 408Mark B. Josephs, Andrew M. Bailey. The Use of SI-Algebra in the Design of Sequencer Circuits
409 -- 424Ekkart Kindler, Wolfgang Reisig, Hagen Völzer, Rolf Walter. Petri Net Based Verification of Distributed Algorithms: An Example
425 -- 445Christel Baier, Mila E. Majster-Cederbaum. The Connection Between Initial and Unique Solutions of Domain Equations in the Partial Order and Metric Approach

Volume 9, Issue 3

229 -- 269Donald Sannella, Andrzej Tarlecki. Essential Concepts of Algebraic Specification and Program Development
270 -- 282Rutger M. Dijkstra, Beverly A. Sanders. A Predicate Transformer for the Progress Property To-Always
283 -- 330Michael R. Hansen, Zhou Chaochen. Duration Calculus: Logical Foundations
331 -- 348Brian J. Ross. Running Programs Backwards: The Logical Inversion of Imperative Computation

Volume 9, Issue 2

119 -- 148Maciej Koutny, Luigi V. Mancini, Giuseppe Pappalardo. Two Implementation Relations and the Correctness of Communicating Replicated Processes
149 -- 174Qiwen Xu, Willem P. de Roever, Jifeng He. The Rely-Guarantee Method for Verifying Shared Variable Concurrent Programs
175 -- 207Colin J. Fidge, Andy J. Wellings. An Action-Based Formal Model for Concurrent Real-Time Systems
208 -- 226Wim H. Hesselink. A Mechanical Proof of Segall s PIF Algorithm

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 48Marc Bezem, Roland N. Bol, Jan Friso Groote. Formalizing Process Algebraic Verifications in the Calculus of Constructions
49 -- 67Jens Palsberg, Mitchell Wand, Patrick O Keefe. Type Inference with Non-Structural Subtyping
68 -- 77Matthew J. A. Caswell. Equivalence of Formal Semantics Definition Methods
78 -- 97Susumu Nishimura. A Strict Functional Language with Cyclic Recursive Data
98 -- 118Stein Krogdahl, Olav Lysne. Verifying a Distributed List System: A Case History