Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 19, Issue 3

223 -- 236Detlef Sieling, Ingo Wegener. A Comparison of Free BDDs and Transformed BDDs
237 -- 273Naren Narasimhan, Elena Teica, Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Sriram Govindarajan, Ranga Vemuri. Theorem Proving Guided Development of Formal Assertions in a Resource-Constrained Scheduler for High-Level Synthesis
275 -- 289Doron Peled, Antti Valmari, Ilkka Kokkarinen. Relaxed Visibility Enhances Partial Order Reduction
291 -- 314Orna Kupferman, Moshe Y. Vardi. Model Checking of Safety Properties

Volume 19, Issue 2

119 -- 120Stefania Gnesi, Diego Latella. Introduction: Special Issue on the Fourth International Workshop of the ERCIM Working Group on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems, Trento, July 11-12, 1999 - Selected Papers
121 -- 141Werner Damm, Jochen Klose. Verification of a Radio-Based Signaling System Using the STATEMATE Verification Environment
143 -- 164Gavin J. Doherty, Mieke Massink, Giorgio P. Faconti. Using Hybrid Automata to Support Human Factors Analysis in a Critical System
165 -- 194Judi Romijn. A Timed Verification of the IEEE 1394 Leader Election Protocol
195 -- 215Jan Tretmans, Klaas Wijbrans, Michel R. V. Chaudron. Software Engineering with Formal Methods: The Development of a Storm Surge Barrier Control System Revisiting Seven Myths of Formal Methods

Volume 19, Issue 1

5 -- 6Albert Benveniste, Axel Poigné. Foreword
7 -- 34Edmund M. Clarke, Armin Biere, Richard Raimi, Yunshan Zhu. Bounded Model Checking Using Satisfiability Solving
35 -- 44Yael Abarbanel-Vinov, Neta Aizenbud-Reshef, Ilan Beer, Cindy Eisner, Daniel Geist, Tamir Heyman, Iris Reuveni, Eran Rippel, Irit Shitsevalov, Yaron Wolfsthal, Tali Yatzkar-Haham. On the Effective Deployment of Functional Formal Verification
45 -- 80Werner Damm, David Harel. LSCs: Breathing Life into Message Sequence Charts
81 -- 110Klaus Winkelmann. Formal Methods in Designing Embedded Systems-the SACRES Experience