Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 23, Issue 3

223 -- 256Janusz A. Brzozowski, Zoltán Ésik. Hazard Algebras
257 -- 301Giorgio Delzanno. Constraint-Based Verification of Parameterized Cache Coherence Protocols
303 -- 327Thomas A. Henzinger, Orna Kupferman, Shaz Qadeer. From Pre-Historic to Post-Modern Symbolic Model Checking

Volume 23, Issue 2

115 -- 142Marcelo Glusman, Shmuel Katz. A Mechanized Proof Environment for the Convenient Computations Proof Method
143 -- 170Heike Wehrheim. Behavioral Subtyping Relations for Active Objects
171 -- 213Ravi Hosabettu, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Mandayam K. Srivas. Formal Verification of a Complex Pipelined Processor

Volume 23, Issue 1

5 -- 37Bertrand Jeannet. Dynamic Partitioning in Linear Relation Analysis: Application to the Verification of Reactive Systems
39 -- 65Jason Baumgartner, Tamir Heyman, Vigyan Singhal, Adnan Aziz. An Abstraction Algorithm for the Verification of Level-Sensitive Latch-Based Netlists
67 -- 108Jürgen Ruf, Thomas Kropf. Symbolic Verification and Analysis of Discrete Timed Systems