Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 44, Issue 3

203 -- 239Thomas Reinbacher, Matthias Függer, Jörg Brauer. Runtime verification of embedded real-time systems
240 -- 263Jinjin Zhang, Zhaohui Zhu. A modal characterization of alternating approximate bisimilarity
264 -- 294Uraz Cengiz Türker, Hüsnü Yenigün. Hardness and inapproximability of minimizing adaptive distinguishing sequences

Volume 44, Issue 2

101 -- 148Thomas Martin Gawlitza, Helmut Seidl. Numerical invariants through convex relaxation and max-strategy iteration
149 -- 175Guy Avni, Orna Kupferman. An abstraction-refinement framework for trigger querying
176 -- 202Yi Li, Jin Song Dong, Jing Sun 0002, Yang Liu, Jun Sun 0001. Model checking approach to automated planning

Volume 44, Issue 1

1 -- 43Albert Benveniste, Claude Jard, Ajay Kattepur, Sidney Rosario, John A. Thywissen. QoS-aware management of monotonic service orchestrations
44 -- 70Fang Yu, Muath Alkhalaf, Tevfik Bultan, Oscar H. Ibarra. Automata-based symbolic string analysis for vulnerability detection
71 -- 90Stefan Ratschan. Safety verification of non-linear hybrid systems is quasi-decidable
91 -- 99Ludwig Griebl, Johann Schuster. Some notes on the abstraction operation for multi-terminal binary decision diagrams