Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 1, Issue 4

335 -- 383Elizabeth L. Mansfield. Algorithms for Symmetric Differential Systems
385 -- 416Laurent Baratchart. Best Meromorphic Approximation of Markov Functions on the Unit Circle
417 -- 434Grzegorz W. Wasilkowski. On the Power of Standard Information for Weighted Approximation

Volume 1, Issue 3

229 -- 254Levent Tunçel. Generalization of Primal-Dual Interior-Point Methods to Convex Optimization Problems in Conic Form
255 -- 288Piotr Zgliczynski. Rigorous Numerics for Partial Differential Equations: The Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
289 -- 295Dima Grigoriev. Approximation and Complexity: Liouvillean-Type Theorems for Linear Differential Equations on an Interval
297 -- 324Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas. Generalized Polar Decompositions on Lie Groups with Involutive Automorphisms
325 -- 332Michael H. Freedman. Projective Plane and Planar Quantum Codes

Volume 1, Issue 2

129 -- 160Arieh Iserles. On Cayley-Transform Methods for the Discretization of Lie-Group Equations
161 -- 181T. Y. Li, Xing Li. Finding Mixed Cells in the Mixed Volume Computation
183 -- 204Michael H. Freedman. Quantum Computation and the Localization of Modular Functors
205 -- 225James V. Burke. Optimal Stability and Eigenvalue Multiplicity

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 2Mike Shub. Editorial
3 -- 68Peter J. Olver. Joint Invariant Signatures
69 -- 100B. Cano, A. M. Stuart, Endre Süli, J. O. Warren. Stiff Oscillatory Systems, Delta Jumps and White Noise
101 -- 125James Demmel, B. Diament, Gregorio Malajovich. On the Complexity of Computing Error Bounds