Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 17, Issue 6

1367 -- 1406Martina Scolamiero, Wojciech Chacholski, Anders Lundman, Ryan Ramanujam, Sebastian Öberg. Multidimensional Persistence and Noise
1407 -- 1466Marc Olive. About Gordan's Algorithm for Binary Forms
1467 -- 1523J. D. Mireles James. Fourier-Taylor Approximation of Unstable Manifolds for Compact Maps: Numerical Implementation and Computer-Assisted Error Bounds
1525 -- 1584Clément Cancès, Cindy Guichard. Numerical Analysis of a Robust Free Energy Diminishing Finite Volume Scheme for Parabolic Equations with Gradient Structure
1585 -- 1633Marian Mrozek. Conley-Morse-Forman Theory for Combinatorial Multivector Fields on Lefschetz Complexes

Volume 17, Issue 5

1123 -- 1193Jordi-Lluís Figueras, Àlex Haro, Alejandro Luque. Rigorous Computer-Assisted Application of KAM Theory: A Modern Approach
1195 -- 1217Indika Rajapakse, Steve Smale. Mathematics of the Genome
1219 -- 1263Martin Weimann. Bivariate Factorization Using a Critical Fiber
1265 -- 1292Pierre Lairez. A Deterministic Algorithm to Compute Approximate Roots of Polynomial Systems in Polynomial Average Time
1293 -- 1334Gregorio Malajovich. Computing Mixed Volume and All Mixed Cells in Quermassintegral Time
1335 -- 1366Ana Romero, Francis Sergeraert. A Bousfield-Kan Algorithm for Computing the Effective Homotopy of a Space

Volume 17, Issue 4

879 -- 893Michael S. Floater, Andrew Gillette. Nodal Bases for the Serendipity Family of Finite Elements
895 -- 916David Krieg, Erich Novak. A Universal Algorithm for Multivariate Integration
917 -- 956Tsogtgerel Gantumur. Convergence Rates of Adaptive Methods, Besov Spaces, and Multilevel Approximation
957 -- 986Sofia Eriksson, Jan Nordström. Exact Non-reflecting Boundary Conditions Revisited: Well-Posedness and Stability
987 -- 1035Vincent Knibbeler, Sara Lombardo, Jan A. Sanders. Higher-Dimensional Automorphic Lie Algebras
1037 -- 1083Markus Bachmayr, Reinhold Schneider. Iterative Methods Based on Soft Thresholding of Hierarchical Tensors
1085 -- 1122Martin Werner Licht. Complexes of Discrete Distributional Differential Forms and Their Homology Theory

Volume 17, Issue 3

627 -- 674Martin Burger, Ole Løseth Elvetun, Matthias Schlottbom. Analysis of the Diffuse Domain Method for Second Order Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
675 -- 712Ander Murua, J.-M. Sanz-Serna. Word Series for Dynamical Systems and Their Numerical Integrators
713 -- 727Merico E. Argentati, Andrew V. Knyazev, Klaus Neymeyr, Evgueni E. Ovtchinnikov, Ming Zhou. Convergence Theory for Preconditioned Eigenvalue Solvers in a Nutshell
729 -- 762Elizabeth L. Mansfield, Tristan Pryer. Noether-Type Discrete Conserved Quantities Arising from a Finite Element Approximation of a Variational Problem
763 -- 827Ulrik S. Fjordholm, Roger Käppeli, Siddhartha Mishra, Eitan Tadmor. Construction of Approximate Entropy Measure-Valued Solutions for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
829 -- 836Jarod Alper, Tristram Bogart, Mauricio Velasco. A Lower Bound for the Determinantal Complexity of a Hypersurface
837 -- 849Luis Renato G. Dias, Susumu Tanabé, Mihai Tibar. Toward Effective Detection of the Bifurcation Locus of Real Polynomial Maps
851 -- 877Hendrik W. Lenstra Jr., A. Silverberg. Roots of Unity in Orders

Volume 17, Issue 2

287 -- 357Benjamin Charlier, Nicolas Charon, Alain Trouvé. The Fshape Framework for the Variability Analysis of Functional Shapes
359 -- 422Zdenek Kalousek. Steepest Descent Method with Random Step Lengths
423 -- 465Jiawang Nie. Generating Polynomials and Symmetric Tensor Decompositions
467 -- 496Kinjal Basu, Art B. Owen. Scrambled Geometric Net Integration Over General Product Spaces
497 -- 526Mayank Goswami, Xianfeng Gu, Vamsi Pingali, Gaurish Telang. Computing Teichmüller Maps Between Polygons
527 -- 566Yurii Nesterov, Vladimir G. Spokoiny. Random Gradient-Free Minimization of Convex Functions
567 -- 623Nicola Guglielmi, Linda Laglia, Vladimir Protasov. Polytope Lyapunov Functions for Stable and for Stabilizable LSS
625 -- 626Philippe Chartier, Ander Murua, J.-M. Sanz-Serna. Erratum to: Higher-Order Averaging, Formal Series and Numerical Integration II: The Quasi-Periodic Case

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 33Ulrich Bauer, Axel Munk, Hannes Sieling, Max Wardetzky. Persistence Barcodes Versus Kolmogorov Signatures: Detecting Modes of One-Dimensional Signals
35 -- 59Tianyi Lin, Shiqian Ma, Shuzhong Zhang. An Extragradient-Based Alternating Direction Method for Convex Minimization
61 -- 72Andrei Gabrielov, Nicolai Vorobjov. On Topological Lower Bounds for Algebraic Computation Trees
73 -- 126Daniel Matthes, Horst Osberger. A Convergent Lagrangian Discretization for a Nonlinear Fourth-Order Equation
127 -- 159Geir Bogfjellmo, Alexander Schmeding. The Lie Group Structure of the Butcher Group
161 -- 197Bo Jiang, Zhening Li, Shuzhong Zhang. On Cones of Nonnegative Quartic Forms
199 -- 257James Hall, Melvin Leok. Lie Group Spectral Variational Integrators
259 -- 286Wenyuan Wu, Zhonggang Zeng. The Numerical Factorization of Polynomials