Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 2, Issue 4

333 -- 361Yu. E. Nesterov, Michael J. Todd. On the Riemannian Geometry Defined by Self-Concordant Barriers and Interior-Point Methods
363 -- 392Debra Lewis, Peter J. Olver. Geometric Integration Algorithms on Homogeneous Manifolds
393 -- 412Alexander I. Barvinok. Estimating L:::8::: Norms by L:::2k::: Norms for Functions on Orbits
413 -- 428Felipe Cucker, Steve Smale. Best Choices for Regularization Parameters in Learning Theory: On the Bias-Variance Problem
429 -- 465Piotr Zgliczynski. C:::1::: Lohner Algorithm

Volume 2, Issue 3

203 -- 245Albert Cohen, Wolfgang Dahmen, Ronald A. DeVore. Adaptive Wavelet Methods II - Beyond the Elliptic Case
247 -- 293Grégoire Lecerf. Quadratic Newton Iteration for Systems with Multiplicity
295 -- 304Dima Grigoriev. Approximation and Complexity II: Iterated Integration
305 -- 329Arieh Iserles. On the Discretization of Double-Bracket Flows

Volume 2, Issue 2

121 -- 143Raphael A. Hauser. Self-Scaled Barrier Functions on Symmetric Cones and Their Classification
145 -- 154Michael H. Freedman. Poly-Locality in Quantum Computing
155 -- 189Eitan Tadmor, Jared Tanner. Adaptive Mollifiers for High Resolution Recovery of Piecewise Smooth Data from its Spectral Information
191 -- 199Markus Bläser. On the Multiplicative Complexity of the Inversion and Division of Hamiltonian Quaternions

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 52D. Castro, José Luis Montaña, Luis Miguel Pardo, Jorge San Martín. The Distribution of Condition Numbers of Rational Data of Bounded Bit Length
53 -- 117Warwick Tucker. A Rigorous ODE Solver and Smale s 14th Problem