Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 21, Issue 6

1465 -- 1504Ronny Bergmann, Roland Herzog, Mauricio S. Louzeiro, Daniel Tenbrinck, José Vidal-Núñez. Fenchel Duality Theory and a Primal-Dual Algorithm on Riemannian Manifolds
1505 -- 1593Vasileios Charisopoulos, Yudong Chen 0001, Damek Davis, Mateo Díaz, Lijun Ding, Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy. Low-Rank Matrix Recovery with Composite Optimization: Good Conditioning and Rapid Convergence
1595 -- 1642Martin Ehler, Manuel Gräf, Sebastian Neumayer, Gabriele Steidl. Curve Based Approximation of Measures on Manifolds by Discrepancy Minimization
1643 -- 1702Jianfeng Lu, Felix Otto. Optimal Artificial Boundary Condition for Random Elliptic Media
1703 -- 1737Riley Murray, Venkat Chandrasekaran, Adam Wierman. Newton Polytopes and Relative Entropy Optimization
1739 -- 1774Douglas N. Arnold, Kaibo Hu. Complexes from Complexes

Volume 21, Issue 5

1153 -- 1180Yakov Berchenko-Kogan. Duality in Finite Element Exterior Calculus and Hodge Duality on the Sphere
1181 -- 1232Robert Beinert, Kristian Bredies. Tensor-Free Proximal Methods for Lifted Bilinear/Quadratic Inverse Problems with Applications to Phase Retrieval
1233 -- 1278Peter Bubenik, Nikola Milicevic. Homological Algebra for Persistence Modules
1279 -- 1316Peter Bürgisser, Felipe Cucker, Josué Tonelli-Cueto. Computing the Homology of Semialgebraic Sets. II: General Formulas
1317 -- 1361Hsi-Wei Hsieh, Nicolas Charon. Metrics, Quantization and Registration in Varifold Spaces
1363 -- 1399Yairon Cid-Ruiz, Roser Homs, Bernd Sturmfels. Primary Ideals and Their Differential Equations
1401 -- 1439Joackim Bernier. Exact Splitting Methods for Semigroups Generated by Inhomogeneous Quadratic Differential Operators
1441 -- 1464Ulrich Bauer, Claudia Landi, Facundo Mémoli. The Reeb Graph Edit Distance is Universal

Volume 21, Issue 4

891 -- 940Augustin Cosse, Laurent Demanet. Stable Rank-One Matrix Completion is Solved by the Level 2 Lasserre Relaxation
941 -- 960Michael Unser. A Unifying Representer Theorem for Inverse Problems and Machine Learning
961 -- 1001Evan S. Gawlik, François Gay-Balmaz. A Variational Finite Element Discretization of Compressible Flow
1003 -- 1022Maria Chiara Brambilla, Giovanni Staglianò. Algebraic Boundaries Among Typical Ranks for Real Binary Forms of Arbitrary Degree
1023 -- 1074Andrea Guidolin, Ana Romero. Computing Higher Leray-Serre Spectral Sequences of Towers of Fibrations
1075 -- 1098Yakov Berchenko-Kogan, Ari Stern. Constraint-Preserving Hybrid Finite Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations
1099 -- 1140Robert J. Berman. Convergence Rates for Discretized Monge-Ampère Equations and Quantitative Stability of Optimal Transport
1141 -- 1151David Krieg, Mario Ullrich. 2-Approximation

Volume 21, Issue 3

613 -- 647François Golse, Shi Jin, Thierry Paul. On the Convergence of Time Splitting Methods for Quantum Dynamics in the Semiclassical Regime
649 -- 694Lukas Kiefer, Martin Storath, Andreas Weinmann. Iterative Potts Minimization for the Recovery of Signals with Discontinuities from Indirect Measurements: The Multivariate Case
695 -- 724Daniele Agostini, Carlos Améndola, Kristian Ranestad. Moment Identifiability of Homoscedastic Gaussian Mixtures
725 -- 765Alexander Ostermann, Frédéric Rousset, Katharina Schratz. Error estimates of a Fourier integrator for the cubic Schrödinger equation at low regularity
767 -- 806Janko Böhm, Wolfram Decker, Anne Frühbis-Krüger, Franz-Josef Pfreundt, Mirko Rahn, Lukas Ristau. Towards Massively Parallel Computations in Algebraic Geometry
807 -- 848Andrea Bressan, Tom Lyche. Local Approximation from Spline Spaces on Box Meshes
849 -- 889Christopher Kacwin, Jens Oettershagen, Mario Ullrich, Tino Ullrich. Numerical Performance of Optimized Frolov Lattices in Tensor Product Reproducing Kernel Sobolev Spaces

Volume 21, Issue 2

275 -- 329Bosu Choi, Mark A. Iwen, Felix Krahmer. Sparse Harmonic Transforms: A New Class of Sublinear-Time Algorithms for Learning Functions of Many Variables
331 -- 374Kazufumi Ito, Christoph Reisinger, Yufei Zhang. 2-Superlinear Convergence for Stochastic Games on Domains
375 -- 444Philipp Petersen, Mones Raslan, Felix Voigtländer. Topological Properties of the Set of Functions Generated by Neural Networks of Fixed Size
445 -- 536Arnulf Jentzen, Ryan Kurniawan. Weak Convergence Rates for Euler-Type Approximations of Semilinear Stochastic Evolution Equations with Nonlinear Diffusion Coefficients
537 -- 574Lek-Heng Lim, Ken Sze-Wai Wong, Ke Ye. The Grassmannian of affine subspaces
575 -- 611J. William Helton, Igor Klep, Scott A. McCullough, Jurij Volcic. Noncommutative Polynomials Describing Convex Sets

Volume 21, Issue 1

1 -- 57Joris van der Hoeven, Grégoire Lecerf. On the Complexity Exponent of Polynomial System Solving
59 -- 69Cristobal Rojas, Michael Yampolsky. Real Quadratic Julia Sets Can Have Arbitrarily High Complexity
71 -- 124Bernhard Beckermann, Mihai Putinar, Edward B. Saff, Nikos Stylianopoulos. Perturbations of Christoffel-Darboux Kernels: Detection of Outliers
125 -- 241Jens Markus Melenk, Stefan A. Sauter. Wavenumber-Explicit hp-FEM Analysis for Maxwell's Equations with Transparent Boundary Conditions
243 -- 273Edouard Pauwels, Mihai Putinar, Jean-Bernard Lasserre. Data Analysis from Empirical Moments and the Christoffel Function