Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 3, Issue 4

327 -- 345David Cohen, Ernst Hairer, Christian Lubich. Modulated Fourier Expansions of Highly Oscillatory Differential Equations
347 -- 420D. Castro, Marc Giusti, Joos Heintz, Guillermo Matera, Luis Miguel Pardo. The Hardness of Polynomial Equation Solving
421 -- 427Alexander L. Chistov, Hervé Fournier, Leonid Gurvits, Pascal Koiran. Vandermonde Matrices, NP-Completeness, and Transversal Subspaces

Volume 3, Issue 3

227 -- 271Mireille Boutin. Polygon Recognition and Symmetry Detection
273 -- 295Alan G. B. Lauder. Computing Zeta Functions of Kummer Curves via Multiplicative Characters
297 -- 324Lou van den Dries. Generating the Greatest Common Divisor, and Limitations of Primitive Recursive Algorithms

Volume 3, Issue 2

111 -- 0Ronald A. DeVore, Arieh Iserles, Michael J. Todd. Editorial
113 -- 133Martin D. Buhmann, Oleg Davydov, Tim N. T. Goodman. Cubic Spline Prewavelets on the Four-Directional Mesh
135 -- 143Wolfgang Dahmen, Torben Klint, Karsten Urban. On Fictitious Domain Formulations for Maxwell s Equations
161 -- 185Ronald A. DeVore, Guergana Petrova, Vladimir N. Temlyakov. Best Basis Selection for Approximation in L::p::
187 -- 206Nira Dyn, David Levin, Ariel Luzzatto. Exponentials Reproducing Subdivision Schemes
207 -- 223Beresford N. Parlett. Perturbation of Eigenpairs of Factored Symmetric Tridiagonal Matrices

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 31Françoise Tisseur, Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Myong-Hi Kim, Michael Shub. Implicit Gamma Theorems (I): Pseudoroots and Pseudospectra
33 -- 107Vladimir N. Temlyakov. Nonlinear Methods of Approximation