Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 8, Issue 6

649 -- 702N. Raj Rao, Alan Edelman. The Polynomial Method for Random Matrices
703 -- 736Stephen J. Dilworth, E. Odell, T. Schlumprecht, A. Zsák. Coefficient Quantization in Banach Spaces
737 -- 763Stefan Kunis, Holger Rauhut. Random Sampling of Sparse Trigonometric Polynomials, II. Orthogonal Matching Pursuit versus Basis Pursuit
765 -- 771J. Maurice Rojas. Book Review S. Basu, R. Pollack, and M.-F. Roy: Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry

Volume 8, Issue 5

533 -- 560Yurii Nesterov, A. Nemirovski. Primal Central Paths and Riemannian Distances for Convex Sets
561 -- 596Yiming Ying, Massimiliano Pontil. Online Gradient Descent Learning Algorithms
597 -- 605Daqing Wan. Modular Counting of Rational Points over Finite Fields
607 -- 647Jean B. Lasserre, Monique Laurent, Philipp Rostalski. Semidefinite Characterization and Computation of Zero-Dimensional Real Radical Ideals

Volume 8, Issue 4

409 -- 425Nira Dyn, Armin Iske, Holger Wendland. Meshfree Thinning of 3D Point Clouds
427 -- 467Elizabeth L. Mansfield, Peter E. Hydon. Difference Forms
469 -- 500Anthony M. Bloch, Peter E. Crouch, Jerrold E. Marsden, Amit K. Sanyal. Optimal Control and Geodesics on Quadratic Matrix Lie Groups
501 -- 532Jeongoo Cheh, Peter J. Olver, Juha Pohjanpelto. Algorithms for Differential Invariants of Symmetry Groups of Differential Equations

Volume 8, Issue 3

291 -- 301Per Christian Moan, Jitse Niesen. Convergence of the Magnus Series
303 -- 317Elena Celledoni, David Cohen, Brynjulf Owren. Symmetric Exponential Integrators with an Application to the Cubic Schrödinger Equation
319 -- 334Ernst Hairer, Christian Lubich. Spectral Semi-discretisations of Weakly Non-linear Wave Equations over Long Times
335 -- 355Robert I. McLachlan, Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas, G. R. W. Quispel, Antonella Zanna. Explicit Volume-Preserving Splitting Methods for Linear and Quadratic Divergence-Free Vector Fields
357 -- 393Sergio Blanes, Fernando Casas, Ander Murua. On the Linear Stability of Splitting Methods
395 -- 407B. J. C. Baxter. On Spherical Averages of Radial Basis Functions

Volume 8, Issue 2

171 -- 196Andrew J. Sommese, Charles W. Wampler. Exceptional Sets and Fiber Products
197 -- 226Felipe Alvarez, Jérôme Bolte, Julien Munier. A Unifying Local Convergence Result for Newton s Method in Riemannian Manifolds
227 -- 257Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas, Will M. Wright. On the Hopf Algebraic Structure of Lie Group Integrators
259 -- 285Alan Edelman, Brian D. Sutton. The Beta-Jacobi Matrix Model, the CS Decomposition, and Generalized Singular Value Problems

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 43Carlos Beltrán, Luis Miguel Pardo. On Smale s 17th Problem: A Probabilistic Positive Solution
45 -- 80Saugata Basu. Computing the Top Betti Numbers of Semialgebraic Sets Defined by Quadratic Inequalities in Polynomial Time
81 -- 95Saugata Basu. Errata for Computing the Top Betti Numbers of Semialgebraic Sets Defined by Quadratic Inequalities in Polynomial Time
97 -- 136Saugata Basu, Richard Pollack, Marie-Françoise Roy. Computing the First Betti Number of a Semi-Algebraic Set
137 -- 169Hendrik Hubrechts. Point Counting in Families of Hyperelliptic Curves