Journal: Games Cult.

Volume 13, Issue 8

787 -- 806Torill Elvira Mortensen. Anger, Fear, and Games: The Long Event of #GamerGate
807 -- 824Brigid Mary Costello. Don't Starve
825 -- 842Luis de Miranda. Life Is Strange and "Games Are Made": A Philosophical Interpretation of a Multiple-Choice Existential Simulator With Copilot Sartre
843 -- 860Mildred F. Perreault, Gregory P. Perreault, Joy Jenkins, Ariel Morrison. Depictions of Female Protagonists in Digital Games: A Narrative Analysis of 2013 DICE Award-Winning Digital Games

Volume 13, Issue 7

647 -- 651Seth Giddings, Alison Harvey. Introduction to Special Issue Ludic Economies: Ludic Economics 101
652 -- 670Alison Harvey. Hollywood
671 -- 689Patrick Crogan. Indie Dreams: Video Games, Creative Economy, and the Hyperindustrial Epoch
690 -- 707Daniel James Joseph. The Discourse of Digital Dispossession: Paid Modifications and Community Crisis on Steam
708 -- 727Helen W. Kennedy. Game Jam as Feminist Methodology: The Affective Labors of Intervention in the Ludic Economy
728 -- 746Jennifer Jenson, Suzanne de Castell. "The Entrepreneurial Gamer": Regendering the Order of Play
747 -- 764Joyce Goggin. "How Do Those Danish Bastards Sleep at Night?"*: Fan Labor and the Power of Cuteness
765 -- 783Seth Giddings. Accursed Play: The Economic Imaginary of Early Game Studies

Volume 13, Issue 6

547 -- 567Mattias van Ommen. Guild Wars 2, the Frankfurt School and Dialectical Fairy Scenes: A Critical Approach Towards Massively Multiplayer Online Video Games
568 -- 586Paul Martin 0003. Resident Evil 5as a Japanese Game
587 -- 604Kyle Moore. Streetpass Software
605 -- 623J. Tuomas Harviainen, Ashley M. L. Brown, Jaakko Suominen. Three Waves of Awkwardness: A Meta-Analysis of Sex in Game Studies
624 -- 644Sara M. Grimes. Penguins, Hype, and MMOGs for Kids: A Critical Reexamination of the 2008 "Boom" in Children's Virtual Worlds Development

Volume 13, Issue 5

423 -- 439Jeremy Aroles. Performance and Becoming: Rethinking Nativeness in Virtual Communities
440 -- 458Anthony Pellicone, June Ahn. Building Worlds: A Connective Ethnography of Play in Minecraft
459 -- 478Matthew Kelly. Papers, Please
479 -- 503Amanda C. Cote. Nintendo Power(1994-1999)
504 -- 520Souvik Mukherjee. Playing Subaltern: Video Games and Postcolonialism
521 -- 542César San Nicolás Romera, Miguel Ángel Nicolás Ojeda, Josefa Ros Velasco. Video Games Set in the Middle Ages: Time Spans, Plots, and Genres

Volume 13, Issue 4

327 -- 348Benjamin Stokes, Dmitri Williams. Gamers Who Protest: Small-Group Play and Social Resources for Civic Action
349 -- 369Thomas H. Apperley, Jussi Parikka. Platform Studies' Epistemic Threshold
370 -- 384Elizabeth Nyman, Ryan Lee Teten. BioShockSeries
385 -- 405Soonhwa Seok, Boaventura DaCosta. Problematic Mobile Gameplay Among the World's Most Intense Players: A Modern Pandemic or Casual Recreational Pursuit?
406 -- 420Anna Oleszkiewicz, M. Kanonowicz, Piotr Sorokowski, Agnieszka Sorokowska. Attitudes Toward Punishment and Rehabilitation as Perceived Through Playing a Prison Tycoon Game

Volume 13, Issue 3

215 -- 219Ashley M. L. Brown, Jaakko Stenros. Adult Play: The Dirty Secret of Grown-Ups
220 -- 239J. Tuomas Harviainen, Katherine Frank. Group Sex as Play: Rules and Transgression in Shared Non-monogamy
240 -- 259Katriina Irja Heljakka. More than Collectors: Exploring Theorists', Hobbyists' and Everyday Players' Rhetoric in Adult Play With Character Toys
260 -- 279Sebastian Deterding. Alibis for Adult Play: A Goffmanian Account of Escaping Embarrassment in Adult Play
280 -- 300Melissa J. Rogerson, Martin R. Gibbs. Finding Time for Tabletop: Board Game Play and Parenting
301 -- 321Annakaisa Kultima, Timo Nummenmaa, Heikki Tyni, Kati Alha, Jaakko Stenros, Ville Kankainen, Jussi Holopainen, Frans Mäyrä. Playful Furniture: Breaching a Serious Setting With Interactive Seats

Volume 13, Issue 2

119 -- 135Andrea Braithwaite. World of Warcraft
136 -- 152Amanda Phillips. Shooting to Kill: Headshots, Twitch Reflexes, and the Mechropolitics of Video Games
153 -- 173Emma Witkowski. Zombies, Run!
174 -- 192Robert Sparrow, Rebecca Harrison, Justin Oakley, Brendan Keogh. Playing for Fun, Training for War: Can Popular Claims About Recreational Video Gaming and Military Simulations be Reconciled?
193 -- 210Paul Scriven. The Phenomenology of the "Other" in Computer Game Worlds

Volume 13, Issue 1

3 -- 19Robbie Fordyce. Dwarf Fortress: Laboratory and Homestead
20 -- 43Ali Faisal, Mirva Peltoniemi. Establishing Video Game Genres Using Data-Driven Modeling and Product Databases
44 -- 70Stephen J. Aguilar, Caitlin Holman 0001, Barry J. Fishman. Game-Inspired Design: Empirical Evidence in Support of Gameful Learning Environments
71 -- 91Benjamin Abraham. ARMA 3 and Implications for Games and Persuasion
92 -- 114Ben Whaley. Catherine