Journal: Games Cult.

Volume 17, Issue 7-8

931 -- 953Ryan Banfi. Toward a Study of Pinball
954 -- 976Holin Lin, Chuen-Tsai Sun. Game-Assisted Social Activism: Game Literacy in Hong Kong's Anti-Extradition Movement
977 -- 996Siyu Yao, Yumin Chen. Reconstructing History and Culture in Game Discourse: A Linguistic Analysis of Heroic Stories in Honor of Kings
997 -- 1014Kristine Jørgensen, Torill Elvira Mortensen. Whose Expression Is It Anyway? Videogames and the Freedom of Expression
1015 -- 1035Amy M. Green. Far Cry 5, American Right-Wing Terrorism, and Doomsday Prepper Culture
1036 -- 1053John McLoughlin. Metal Gear Solid's Difficult Relationship with Localization
1054 -- 1074Ehsan Jooyaeian, Masood Khoshsaligheh. Translation Solutions in Professional Video Game Localization in Iran
1075 -- 1092Orlando Woods. Gacha Games

Volume 17, Issue 6

839 -- 842Michal Mochocki. Editorial: Games with History, Heritage, and Provocation
843 -- 854Filip Jankowski. Playing (Against) the Heritage: Absolutism and the French Revolution in French Digital Games Before 2000
855 -- 870Julien A. Bazile. An "Alternative to the Pen"? Perspectives for the Design of Historiographical Videogames
871 -- 884Adam F. Bierstedt. Livestreaming History: The Streamer-Historian and Historical Games Outreach
885 -- 900Lawrence May. Virtual Heterotopias and the Contested Histories of Kowloon Walled City
901 -- 914Vít Sisler, Holger Pötzsch, Tereza Hannemann, Jaroslav Cuhra, Jaroslav Pinkas. Train to Sachsenhausen
915 -- 928Richard Cole. Mashing Up History and Heritage in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Volume 17, Issue 5

659 -- 678Dany Guay-Bélanger. Assembling Auras: Towards a Methodology for the Preservation and Study of Video Games as Cultural Heritage Artefacts
679 -- 702Dongliang Chen, Antonio Bucchiarone, Zhihan Lv. MeetDurian: Can Location-Based Games be Used to Improve COVID-19 Hygiene Habits?
703 -- 720Eugene Lee, Maral Abdollahi, Colin Agur. Conceptualizing the Roles of Involvement and Immersion in Persuasive Games
721 -- 751Daniel Sumner Magruder. A Conservative Metric of Power Creep
752 -- 772Megan Pusey, Kok Wai Wong, Natasha Anne Rappa. Using Case Studies to Explore Need Satisfaction and Frustration in Puzzle Video Games
773 -- 794Katy E. Pearce, Jason C. Yip, Jin Ha Lee 0001, Jesse J. Martinez, Travis W. Windleharth, Arpita Bhattacharya, Qisheng Li. Families Playing Animal Crossing Together: Coping With Video Games During the COVID-19 Pandemic
795 -- 815Neta Yodovich, Jinju Kim. Girlfriend Reviews YouTube Channel
816 -- 835Jacqueline Burgess, Christian Jones. Exploring Player Understandings of Historical Accuracy and Historical Authenticity in Video Games

Volume 17, Issue 4

487 -- 508Matthew M. Chew. The Significance and Complexities of Anti-Corporate Gamer Activism: Struggles Against the Exploitation and Control of Game-Worlds in 2000s China
509 -- 527Xenia Zeiler, Souvik Mukherjee. Video Game Development in India: A Cultural and Creative Industry Embracing Regional Cultural Heritage(s)
528 -- 551Benjamin Nicoll. Gorogoa
552 -- 575Tim Newsome-Ward, Jenna Ng. Between Subjectivity and Flourishing: Creativity and Game Design as Existential Meaning
576 -- 592Ian Williams, Samuel Tobin. The Practice of Oldhammer: Re-Membering a Past Through Craft and Play
593 -- 613Sara Skott, Karl-Fredrik Skott Bengtson. 'You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?': A Hauntological Analysis of Carceral Violence in Majora's Mask
614 -- 638Miikka J. Lehtonen, Katharina S. Schilli, J. Tuomas Harviainen. Resilient Values in Game Industry Formation: Institutional Perspective to the Finnish Context
639 -- 656Faltin Karlsen. Balancing Ethics, Art and Economics: A Qualitative Analysis of Game Designer Perspectives on Monetisation

Volume 17, Issue 3

311 -- 327Rhett Loban. Torres Strait Virtual Reality: A Reflection on the Intersection between Culture, Game Design and Research
328 -- 343Elizabeth LaPensée, Outi Laiti, Maize Longboat. Towards Sovereign Games
344 -- 353Steven E. Jones. Response: In and Out of the Game, as Usual
354 -- 373Sarah Stang. Fallout Series
374 -- 398Jan Svelch. Developer Credit: Para-Industrial Hierarchies of In-Game Credit Attribution in the Video Game Industry
399 -- 420Jessica E. Tompkins, Nicole Martins. Masculine Pleasures as Normalized Practices: Character Design in the Video Game Industry
421 -- 444Jessica A. Robinson, Nicholas David Bowman. Returning to Azeroth: Nostalgia, Sense of Place, and Social Presence in World of Warcraft Classic
445 -- 460Brian TaeHyuk Keum, Maynard Hearns. Online Gaming and Racism: Impact on Psychological Distress Among Black, Asian, and Latinx Emerging Adults
461 -- 481Marke Kivijärvi, Saija Katila. Becoming a Gamer: Performative Construction of Gendered Gamer Identities

Volume 17, Issue 2

159 -- 178Benjamin Nicoll. 'What Was Your First Experience of a Videogame?': The Fantasmatic Structure of Videogame Memory
179 -- 197Sky LaRell Anderson, Karen Schrier. Disability and Video Games Journalism: A Discourse Analysis of Accessibility and Gaming Culture
198 -- 218Sian Tomkinson, Benn van den Ende. Overwatch as a Disciplinary System
219 -- 243Joanna Curtis, Gavin Oxburgh, Pam Briggs. Heroes and Hooligans: The Heterogeneity of Video Game Modders
244 -- 261Mildred F. Perreault, Gregory P. Perreault, Andrea Suarez. What Does it Mean to be a Female Character in "Indie" Game Storytelling? Narrative Framing and Humanization in Independently Developed Video Games
262 -- 283Jørn Weines, Melania Borit. Nusfjord (2017)
284 -- 305Jasper van Vught. What is Videogame Formalism? Exploring the Pillars of Russian Formalism for the Study of Videogames

Volume 17, Issue 1

3 -- 25Joshua D. Miner. Critical Protocols in Indigenous Gamespace
26 -- 46Vincent G. Huang, Tingting Liu. Gamifying Contentious Politics: Gaming Capital and Playful Resistance
47 -- 69Alexander Bernevega, Alex Gekker. The Industry of Landlords: Exploring the Assetization of the Triple-A Game
70 -- 88Jacob Mertens. Broken Games and the Perpetual Update Culture: Revising Failure With Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Unity
89 -- 121Paul Formosa, Malcolm Ryan 0001, Stephanie Howarth, Jane Messer, Mitchell W. McEwan. Morality Meters and Their Impacts on Moral Choices in Videogames: A Qualitative Study
122 -- 139Matthew Barr, Alicia Copeland-Stewart. Playing Video Games During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Effects on Players' Well-Being
140 -- 155Miguel Sicart. Playthings