Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 15, Issue 4

267 -- 293William Bonner, Mike Chiasson. If fair information principles are the answer, what was the question? An actor-network theory investigation of the modern constitution of privacy
295 -- 338Michael Gallivan, Mark Srite. Information technology and culture: Identifying fragmentary and holistic perspectives of culture
339 -- 375Mikko T. Siponen. Analysis of modern IS security development approaches: towards the next generation of social and adaptable ISS methods

Volume 15, Issue 3

181 -- 184David Knights, Theo Vurdubakis. Information technology as organization/disorganization
185 -- 202Jannis Kallinikos. The order of technology: Complexity and control in a connected world
203 -- 227Alain Ross, Mike W. Chiasson. A call to (Dis)order: An ethnomethodological study of information technology "Disruptions" in the courtroom
229 -- 246Yuval Millo, Fabian Muniesa, Nikiforos S. Panourgias, Susan V. Scott. Organised detachment: Clearinghouse mechanisms in financial markets
247 -- 266Julie Rennecker, Lindsey Godwin. Delays and interruptions: A self-perpetuating paradox of communication technology use

Volume 15, Issue 2

91 -- 94Youngjin Yoo, Kalle Lyytinen. Social impacts of ubiquitous computing: Exploring critical interactions between mobility, context and technology: A Special Issue for Information and Organization
95 -- 124Ola Henfridsson, Rikard Lindgren. Multi-contextuality in ubiquitous computing: Investigating the car case through action research
125 -- 149Carsten Sørensen, Daniele Pica. Tales from the police: Rhythms of interaction with mobile technologies
151 -- 180Karlene C. Cousins, Daniel Robey. Human agency in a wireless world: Patterns of technology use in nomadic computing environments

Volume 15, Issue 1

1 -- 37Michael B. Elmes, Diane M. Strong, Olga Volkoff. Panoptic empowerment and reflective conformity in enterprise systems-enabled organizations
39 -- 63Susan J. Harrington, Tor Guimaraes. Corporate culture, absorptive capacity and IT success
65 -- 89Emmanuelle Vaast, Geoff Walsham. Representations and actions: the transformation of work practices with IT use