Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 16, Issue 4

277 -- 303Kathy McGrath. Affection not affliction: The role of emotions in information systems and organizational change
304 -- 324Robert Willison. Understanding the perpetration of employee computer crime in the organisational context

Volume 16, Issue 3

191 -- 211Matthew Longshore Smith. Overcoming theory-practice inconsistencies: Critical realism and information systems research
251 -- 275Erica L. Wagner, Susan V. Scott, Robert D. Galliers. The creation of best practice software: Myth, reality and ethics

Volume 16, Issue 2

109 -- 142Stephen Corea. Mounting effective IT based customer service operations under emergent conditions: Deconstructing myth as a basis of understanding
143 -- 168Helen J. Richardson, Debra Howcroft. The contradictions of CRM - a critical lens on call centres
169 -- 190David Kang. The workflow application as an unintended medium for organizational learning: A longitudinal field study

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 26Bongsug Chae, James M. Bloodgood. The paradoxes of knowledge management: An eastern philosophical perspective
27 -- 55Panos Constantinides, Michael Barrett. Negotiating ICT development and use: The case of a telemedicine system in the healthcare region of Crete
56 -- 81Helen J. Richardson, Debra Howcroft. The contradictions of CRM - A critical lens on call centres
82 -- 107Jaana Porra, Rudy Hirschheim, Michael S. Parks. Forty years of the corporate information technology function at Texaco Inc. - A history