Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 17, Issue 4

193 -- 231Jessica Luo Carlo, Youngjin Yoo. How may I help you? Politeness in computer-mediated and face-to-face library reference transactions
232 -- 265Leiser Silva, Eugenio Figueroa, Jennifer González-Reinhart. Interpreting IS alignment: A multiple case study in professional organizations

Volume 17, Issue 3

131 -- 161Neil Pollock, Robin Williams. Technology choice and its performance: Towards a sociology of software package procurement
162 -- 192Marisa D Mello, Sundeep Sahay. I am kind of a nomad where I have to go places and places … Understanding mobility, place and identity in global software work from India

Volume 17, Issue 2

59 -- 88Ping Wang, E. Burton Swanson. Launching professional services automation: Institutional entrepreneurship for information technology innovations
89 -- 109Craig Standing, Rosemary Stockdale, Peter E. D. Love. Hybrid buyer-supplier relationships in global electronic markets
110 -- 129Gamel O. Wiredu. User appropriation of mobile technologies: Motives, conditions and design properties

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 0Daniel Robey. Editorial
2 -- 26Michael D. Myers, Michael Newman. The qualitative interview in IS research: Examining the craft
27 -- 58Wai Fong Boh. Mechanisms for sharing knowledge in project-based organizations