Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 21, Issue 4

177 -- 193Marlei Pozzebon, Maira Petrini, Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello, Lionel Garreau. Unpacking researchers' creativity and imagination in grounded theorizing: An exemplar from IS research
194 -- 217Neil Pollock, Robin Williams. Who decides the shape of product markets? The knowledge institutions that name and categorise new technologies

Volume 21, Issue 3

123 -- 141Alain Ross, Mike Chiasson. Habermas and information systems research: New directions
142 -- 160Katherine Richardson, Raquel Benbunan-Fich. Examining the antecedents of work connectivity behavior during non-work time
161 -- 176Shan Ling Pan, Barney Tan. Demystifying case research: A structured-pragmatic-situational (SPS) approach to conducting case studies

Volume 21, Issue 2

57 -- 83Stephen Jackson. Organizational culture and information systems adoption: A three-perspective approach
84 -- 106Stephen A. Harwood. The domestication of online technologies by smaller businesses and the 'busy day'
107 -- 122Lucas D. Introna, Niall Hayes. On sociomaterial imbrications: What plagiarism detection systems reveal and why it matters

Volume 21, Issue 1

1 -- 16Ulrike Schultze, Michel Avital. Designing interviews to generate rich data for information systems research
17 -- 40Tracy A. Jenkin, Jane Webster, Lindsay McShane. An agenda for Green information technology and systems research
41 -- 56Donald Hislop, Carolyn M. Axtell. Mobile phones during work and non-work time: A case study of mobile, non-managerial workers