Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 22, Issue 4

209 -- 226Ulrika H. Westergren, Jonny Holmström. Exploring preconditions for open innovation: Value networks in industrial firms
227 -- 251Leiser Silva, H. Kevin Fulk. From disruptions to struggles: Theorizing power in ERP implementation projects
252 -- 272Markus Hertwig. Institutional effects in the adoption of e-business-technology: Evidence from the German automotive supplier industry
273 -- 294Panos Constantinides, Michael Barrett. A narrative networks approach to understanding coordination practices in emergency response
295 -- 322Valéry Merminod, Frantz Rowe. How does PLM technology support knowledge transfer and translation in new product development? Transparency and boundary spanners in an international context

Volume 22, Issue 3

169 -- 187Eric Monteiro, Gasparas Jarulaitis, Vidar Hepsø. The family resemblance of technologically mediated work practices
188 -- 207Mark Thompson. People, practice, and technology: Restoring Giddens' broader philosophy to the study of information systems

Volume 22, Issue 2

85 -- 105Thomas Østerlie, Petter Grytten Almklov, Vidar Hepsø. Dual materiality and knowing in petroleum production
106 -- 124José M. Alcaraz, Miquel Doménech, Francisco Tirado. eHR software, multinational corporations and emerging China: Exploring the role of information through a postcolonial lens
125 -- 153Muriel Mignerat, Suzanne Rivard. The institutionalization of information system project management practices
154 -- 167Senem Güney, Anthony M. Cresswell. Technology-as-text in the communicative constitution of organization

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 22Federico Iannacci, Kyriakos S. Hatzaras. Unpacking ostensive and performative aspects of organisational routines in the context of monitoring systems: A critical realist approach
23 -- 36Niall Hayes, Chris Westrup. Context and the processes of ICT for development
37 -- 59Paul M. Leonardi, Jeffrey William Treem. Knowledge management technology as a stage for strategic self-presentation: Implications for knowledge sharing in organizations
60 -- 84Rudy Hirschheim, David Murungi, Santiago Peña. Witty invention or dubious fad? Using argument mapping to examine the contours of management fashion