Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 25, Issue 4

191 -- 221Elizabeth J. Davidson, Carsten S. Østerlund, Mary Grace Flaherty. Drift and shift in the organizing vision career for personal health records: An investigation of innovation discourse dynamics
222 -- 232Donald Hislop, Carolyn M. Axtell, Alison Collins, Kevin Daniels, Jane Glover, Karen Niven. Variability in the use of mobile ICTs by homeworkers and its consequences for boundary management and social isolation

Volume 25, Issue 3

137 -- 149Annemette Kjærgaard, Morten Thanning Vendelø. The role of theory adaptation in the making of a reference discipline
150 -- 159Gian Marco Campagnolo, Neil Pollock, Robin Williams. Technology as we do not know it: The extended practice of global software development
160 -- 190Ronald W. Eastburn, Richard J. Boland Jr.. Inside banks' information and control systems: Post-decision surprise and corporate disruption

Volume 25, Issue 2

73 -- 98Emmanuelle Vaast, Natalia Levina. Speaking as one, but not speaking up: Dealing with new moral taint in an occupational online community
99 -- 114Mario Schaarschmidt, Gianfranco Walsh, Harald F. O. von Kortzfleisch. How do firms influence open source software communities? A framework and empirical analysis of different governance modes
115 -- 136Neil Pollock, Robin Williams. The venues of high tech prediction: Presenting the future at industry analyst conferences

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 26Wei-Tsong Wang, Ya-Pei Hou. Motivations of employees' knowledge sharing behaviors: A self-determination perspective
27 -- 51Sven-Volker Rehm, Lakshmi Goel. The emergence of boundary clusters in inter-organizational innovation
52 -- 71Shahla Ghobadi, Stewart Clegg. "These days will never be forgotten ...": A critical mass approach to online activism