Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 26, Issue 4

101 -- 115Rob Gleasure, Joseph Feller. Emerging technologies and the democratisation of financial services: A metatriangulation of crowdfunding research
116 -- 126Dionysios S. Demetis, Allen S. Lee. Crafting theory to satisfy the requirements of systems science
127 -- 130Daniel Robey, Christine Abdalla Mikhaeil. Déjà Vu or Art Nouveau? A comment on Demetis and Lee's "Crafting theory to satisfy the requirements of systems science"
131 -- 145Michael Fisher, Richard Boland Jr., Kalle Lyytinen. Social networking as the production and consumption of a self

Volume 26, Issue 3

45 -- 62Tony Liao. Is it 'augmented reality'? Contesting boundary work over the definitions and organizing visions for an emerging technology across field-configuring events
63 -- 83Denniz Dönmez, Gudela Grote, Stefano Brusoni. Routine interdependencies as a source of stability and flexibility. A study of agile software development teams
84 -- 99Marlei Pozzebon, Maria Alexandra Cunha, Taiane R. Coelho. Making sense to decreasing citizen eParticipation through a social representation lens

Volume 26, Issue 1-2

1 -- 12Eoin Whelan, Robin Teigland, Emmanuelle Vaast, Brian Butler. Expanding the horizons of digital social networks: Mixing big trace datasets with qualitative approaches
13 -- 27Margunn Aanestad, Tina Blegind Jensen. Collective mindfulness in post-implementation IS adaptation processes
28 -- 44Paul Beynon-Davies. Instituting facts: Data structures and institutional order