Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 28, Issue 4

153 -- 169Stavros Polykarpou, Michael I. Barrett, Eivor Oborn, Torsten Oliver Salge, David Antons, Rajiv Kohli. Justifying health IT investments: A process model of framing practices and reputational value
170 -- 191Rajendra Singh, Aaron Baird, Lars Mathiassen. Collaboration risk management in IT-enabled asymmetric partnerships: Evidence from telestroke networks
192 -- 210Erica L. Wagner, Sue Newell, Neil C. Ramiller, Jeanne Enders. From public ideology to socio-material reproduction of agile principles: The case of pivotal labs

Volume 28, Issue 3

111 -- 128Diane E. Bailey, Eduardo H. Diniz, Bonnie A. Nardi, Paul M. Leonardi, Dan Sholler. A critical approach to human helping in information systems: Heteromation in the Brazilian correspondent banking system
129 -- 139Yolande E. Chan, Conor J. T. Farrington. Community-based research: Engaging universities in technology-related knowledge exchanges
140 -- 151Elizabeth Davidson, Aaron Baird, Karl Prince. Opening the envelope of health care information systems research

Volume 28, Issue 2

71 -- 88JoAnne Yong-Kwan Lim. IT-enabled awareness and self-directed leadership behaviors in virtual teams
89 -- 100Ola Henfridsson, Joe Nandhakumar, Harry Scarbrough, Nikiforos S. Panourgias. Recombination in the open-ended value landscape of digital innovation
101 -- 103Eric Monteiro. Reflections on digital innovation
104 -- 106Satish Nambisan. Architecture vs. ecosystem perspectives: Reflections on digital innovation
107 -- 110Jonny Holmström. Recombination in digital innovation: Challenges, opportunities, and the importance of a theoretical framework

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 36Kimberly McGee. The influence of gender, and race/ethnicity on advancement in information technology (IT)
1 -- 0Elizabeth Davidson, Michael I. Barrett. Introduction to the Research Impact and Contributions to Knowledge (RICK) Section
37 -- 43Andrew H. Van de Ven. Information & Organization
44 -- 51Michael I. Barrett, Eivor Oborn. Bridging the research-practice divide: Harnessing expertise collaboration in making a wider set of contributions
52 -- 61Bob Hinings, Thomas Gegenhuber, Royston Greenwood. Digital innovation and transformation: An institutional perspective
62 -- 70Samer Faraj, Stella Pachidi, Karla Sayegh. Working and organizing in the age of the learning algorithm