Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 30, Issue 4

100322 -- 0Saggi Nevo, Dorit Nevo, Alain Pinsonneault. Exploring the Role of IT in the Front-End of Innovation: An Empirical Study of IT-Enabled Creative Behavior
100323 -- 0Olivera Marjanovic, Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic. Open government data platforms - A complex adaptive sociomaterial systems perspective
100324 -- 0Carmen Leong, Isam Faik, Felix T. C. Tan, Barney Tan 0001, Ying Hooi Khoo. Digital organizing of a global social movement: From connective to collective action
100325 -- 0Rajendra Singh, Aaron Baird, Lars Mathiassen. Ambidextrous governance of IT-enabled services: A pragmatic approach

Volume 30, Issue 3

100302 -- 0Nadine Büchler, Claartje L. ter Hoeven, Ward van Zoonen. Understanding constant connectivity to work: How and for whom is constant connectivity related to employee well-being?
100314 -- 0Marco Marabelli, Emmanuelle Vaast. Unveiling the relevance of academic research: A practice-based view

Volume 30, Issue 2

100286 -- 0Diane E. Bailey, Stephen R. Barley. Beyond design and use: How scholars should study intelligent technologies
100288 -- 0Anna Zaitsev, Uri Gal, Barney Tan 0001. Coordination artifacts in Agile Software Development
100299 -- 0Nan (Tina) Wang, Traci A. Carte, Ryan S. Bisel. Negativity decontaminating: Communication media affordances for emotion regulation strategies
100300 -- 0Tony C. Liao, Kun Xu. A process approach to understanding multiple open source innovation contests - Assessing the contest structures, execution, and participant responses in the android developer challenges
100301 -- 0Uri Gal, Tina Blegind Jensen, Mari-Klara Stein. Breaking the vicious cycle of algorithmic management: A virtue ethics approach to people analytics

Volume 30, Issue 1

100255 -- 0Andrew Burton-Jones, Saeed Akhlaghpour, Stephen Ayre, Payal Barde, Andrew Staib, Clair Sullivan. Changing the conversation on evaluating digital transformation in healthcare: Insights from an institutional analysis
100274 -- 0Manlu Liu, Sean Hansen, Qiang Tu. Keeping the family together: Sustainability and modularity in community source development
100275 -- 0Thomas Østerlie, Eric Monteiro. Digital sand: The becoming of digital representations
100287 -- 0Mikko T. Siponen, Tuula Klaavuniemi. Why is the hypothetico-deductive (H-D) method in information systems not an H-D method?