Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 32, Issue 4

100423 -- 0Quang Neo Bui, Kalle Lyytinen. Aligning adoption messages with audiences' priorities: A mixed-methods study of the diffusion of enterprise architecture among the US state governments
100431 -- 0Christopher B. Califf. Stressing affordances: Towards an appraisal theory of technostress through a case study of hospital nurses' use of electronic medical record systems
100432 -- 0Lauren Waardenburg, Marleen Huysman. From coexistence to co-creation: Blurring boundaries in the age of AI

Volume 32, Issue 3

100421 -- 0Maria Carmela Annosi, Elisa Mattarelli, Evelyn Micelotta, Antonella Martini. Logics' shift and depletion of innovation: A multi-level study of agile use in a multinational telco company
100422 -- 0Bastian Kindermann, Torsten Oliver Salge, Daniel Wentzel, Tessa Flatten, David Antons. Dynamic capabilities for orchestrating digital innovation ecosystems: Conceptual integration and research opportunities
100430 -- 0Sathyanarayanan Venkatraman, Rangaraja P. Sundarraj, Ravi Seethamraju. Exploring health-analytics adoption in indian private healthcare organizations: An institutional-theoretic perspective

Volume 32, Issue 2

100391 -- 0Sven-Volker Rehm, Lakshmi Goel 0001, Iris A. Junglas. Researching digitalized work arrangements: A Laws of Form perspective
100408 -- 0Alexander Moltubakk Kempton. The digital is different: Emergence and relationality in critical realist research
100409 -- 0Ludovico Bullini Orlandi, Gianluca Veronesi, Alessandro Zardini. Unpacking linguistic devices and discursive strategies in online social movement organizations: Evidence from anti-vaccine online communities
100410 -- 0Israr Qureshi, Babita Bhatt, Rishikesan Parthiban, Ruonan Sun, Dhirendra Mani Shukla, Pradeep Kumar Hota, Zhejing Xu. Knowledge Commoning: Scaffolding and Technoficing to Overcome Challenges of Knowledge Curation
100411 -- 0Maria Stefania Festila, Sune Dueholm Müller. Coordinating knowledge work across technologies: Evidence from critical care practices

Volume 32, Issue 1

100388 -- 0Loizos Heracleous. Helping at NASA: Guidelines for using process consultation to develop impactful research
100389 -- 0Neil Pollock, Robin Williams, Luciana D'Adderio. Figuring out IT markets: How and why industry analysts launch, adjust and abandon categories
100390 -- 0Tamar Lazar. Organizational scandal on social media: Workers whistleblowing on YouTube and Facebook
100392 -- 0Laila Dahabiyeh, Panos Constantinides. Legitimating digital technologies in industry exchange fields: The case of digital signatures
100393 -- 0Neha Agarwal, Christina Soh, Adrian Yeow. Managing paradoxical tensions in the development of a telemedicine system