Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 3, Issue 3

157 -- 158Fazel Famili. Editior-in-Chief: Welcome to Volume 3(3) of Intelligent Data Analysis journal!
159 -- 176Steve A. Chien, Forest Fisher, Edisanter Lo, Helen Mortensen, Ronald Greeley. Using artificial intelligence planning to automate science image data analysis
177 -- 189Thomas J. C. Hunniford, Ray J. Hickey. A simulated annealing technique for generating artificial data to assess concept learning algorithms
191 -- 209Stephen D. Bay. Nearest neighbor classification from multiple feature subsets
211 -- 225Zhiwei Fu. Dimensionality optimization by heuristic greedy learning vs. genetic algorithms in knowledge discovery and data mining
227 -- 240Richard Nock, Pascal Jappy. Decision tree based induction of decision lists